Learn how to cook your own healthy and satisfying meals using the latest recipes from Second Nature.


Indian spiced roast chicken

A new take on the classic roast chicken. Enjoy this Indian spiced dish with raita and vegetables for a lower-carb roast dinner. 

Hassleback vegetables

Second Nature's take on Hasselback potatoes. This will take roasted vegetables to the next level as an impressive addition to your roast dinners. 

Roasted vegetable hash

A great way to use up any leftover veg from your Christmas or roast dinner. Feel free to use plant-based sausages to keep this recipe meat-free. 
Breakfast and eggs

Christmas spiced toasted muesli

Get in the Christmas mood with this festive breakfast. Packed with festive spices, this is the perfect healthy start to any December morning. 

Stuffing balls

A healthier take on the roast dinner classic. Pair these stuffing balls with your favourite meat and vegetables for a delicious lower-carb meal. 

Duck a l’orange

Try our lower-carb take on this classic meal. Packed with vegetables, this duck dish will impress any guests at your dinner party.
Sides, sauces and dips

Cranberry sauce

A Christmas classic! Try our lower-sugar version of everyone's favourite Christmas sauce. Enjoy your Christmas dinner without added sugar.

Lentil Loaf

A perfect roast dinner staple! Packed with vegetables and high protein lentils, making it a great choice for vegans and vegetarians.

Latkes with smoked salmon

A healthier take on the canape classic - smoked salmon blini with added veg. Perfect for parties or a starter for your dinner party!

Dark chocolate mint bark

What's more Christmassy than peppermint? Enjoy this delicious festive treat that will be popular with the whole family without any added sugar!
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