Learn how to effectively use the power of the mind to improve your health, by focusing on motivation, mindfulness, and habit change.

Habit Change

Menopause and weight gain

Worried about menopause and weight gain? You're not alone! Learn the science behind why this can happen plus how to best manage it.

Weight-loss plateaus explained

Have you reached a 'stalemate' on your weight loss journey, despite keeping up healthy habits? Learn why this happens and what it means for weight loss.

How to overcome a weight-loss plateau

Learn how to identify the reason why your weight-loss might be stalling. Tips to push through a weight-loss plateau and achieve your weight-loss goal.
Habit Change

3 techniques to overcome emotional eating

Noticed that you're snacking more in response to emotions rather than hunger? Try these 3 techniques to overcome emotional or comfort eating.
Habit Change

How to identify emotional eating

The first step in preventing comfort eating is being able to identify it. Learn the important differences between emotional and physical hunger.
Habit Change

What is emotional eating?

Do you think that you use food as a comfort? Learn what defines emotional eating and why we crave particular foods when we're ovwhelmed or emotional.

Coping strategies: techniques to keep us balanced

Sometimes it's difficult to cope. We've suggested five evidence-based strategies that can be practised to help you re-balance and stay calm and positive.
Habit Change

Reducing your risk of heart disease

Practical tips to reduce our chances of developing heart disease. Learn the science behind heart disease risk factors and what we can do to reduce the risk.
Habit Change

How to break bad habits: 3 simple steps

We all have habits we want to break. Follow these 3 simple steps to form new, healthy habits and learn how long it takes for new habits to stick.

Stress and weight gain

Does stress lead to weight gain? The latest evidence behind the impact of stress on your brain, hormones, and food choices.
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