Our mission: to make healthy living easy.

Second Nature team photo
Second Nature team photo


We don't believe in strict, rigid diets that demand unrealistic lifestyle changes.

There's a good reason why many have cycled through different diets, with varying degrees of success. If a new regime demands too much, there's a greater chance the wheels will come off… and you'll be right back where you started.

If you're sick of getting nowhere with the latest dieting trends, take it from us – it's not you.

Working with qualified health professionals, dietitians and behavioural scientists, we've created a program that helps rewire habits and recalibrate lifestyles. It's delivered through our mobile app, resulting in a finished product that makes it easier to form new habits – ones that help you eat better, sleep sounder and ultimately feel healthier.

Second Nature was created by Mike (bearded) and Chris (not so bearded). These two NHS health advisors, decided to pool their collective expertise and develop a program focussed on building healthy new lifestyles. Rather than making it feel like a chore, they wanted it to become Second Nature.


“When we were health consultants, we saw first-hand the impact of lifestyle diseases on both people and health services. We saw that the healthcare experts understood that the solution to obesity and type 2 diabetes was long term sustainable lifestyle change, but it was a problem that had yet to be solved. We believed there had to be a better way - there had to be a way to make healthy living the default.”

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