Success stories

Thousands of people have changed their lives with Second Nature. Check out their stories.


Linda: “I have had endless support and advice”

Since joining the programme, Linda has lost 2 and a half stone and is now able to enjoy the foods she loves without feeling guilty.

Joanna: “I feel so much healthier, confident and in control of my health”

After joining the programme, Joanna has managed to find a balance that has enabled to her to lose weight, gain confidence and take control of her health.

Ruth: “I feel better equipped to make healthy food choices”

After years of following fad diets, Ruth noticed a positive shift in her mindset and relationship with food after following the Second Nature programme.

Andrew: “I can now walk around without getting out of breath”

Andrew joined Second Nature after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. In 11 weeks, he has lost nearly 17kg and feels so much better!

Karen: “I’ve learnt to nourish my body”

Since joining the Second Nature programme, Karen has lost weight, improved her relationship with food, and has more energy and confidence than ever before.

Julie: “I am stronger, fitter and happier in myself”

Julie joined the SN programme to improve her chances of falling pregnant through IVF. She's now healthier and happier and is a mum to two beautiful girls!

Ravi: “I have noticed some huge differences since starting the programme”

After 12 weeks on the Second Nature programme, Ravi experienced significant weight loss and reached her best physical fitness in almost 20 years.

Mark: “My strength, breathing, and sleeping have all improved”

Since following the Second Nature programme, Mark has been able to lose weight, change his medication, and is now regularly swimming and going to the gym.

Geoff: “I am more alert and a lot less stressed”

Geoff felt disheartened with his pre-diabetes diagnosis but all this changed when he started the Second Nature programme.

Jacqui: “I’m sleeping better than I have in years”

Jacqui wanted to try a different approach to weight loss and after 7 weeks with Second Nature she's lost weight and is sleeping better than ever!

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