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Thousands of people have changed their lives with Second Nature. Check out their stories.


Dionne: “Thank you Second Nature for giving me what I have been searching for, me!”

Dionne now feels she has the right balance in her life. Alongside weight loss, she has experienced better quality sleep and has a healthy, positive mindset.

Colin: “Since starting SN, everything about my health has improved!”

Colin joined SN to reduce his weight and BGL. This turned out to be a life-changing opportunity and he's noticed improvements in all aspects of his health!

Kim: “I am now eating to live, instead of living to eat!”

After just 7 weeks of following the programme, Kim lost 11lb, noticed her skin was clearer and has found the pain in her joints has almost disappeared.

A poem by the lovely Susie

Since joining SN, Susie has gained the strength to leave her past relationship with food behind and the tools to move forward with a more balanced mindset!

David: “Second Nature is like a university of healthy living!”

After sadly losing his wife in 2021, David felt it was time to start focusing on his own health. He decided to join SN and hasn't looked back since!

Becky: “My energy levels and mood have improved”

Previously, Becky had tried many weight loss programmes that felt unsustainable. Since joining Second Nature, she no longer feels that she's on a diet.

Susan: “My cholesterol is now well within the healthy range!”

Susan joined Second Nature after experiencing several setbacks to her health. 8 months later, her life has changed in more ways than she could have imagined!

Carol: “Second Nature has changed my life around!”

Carol spent much of her life yo-yo dieting. All this changed when she joined Second Nature and she is now able to enjoy healthy eating without restriction!

Geoffrey: “The simplicity of the programme has helped me feel confident that changes are sustainable”

Geoffrey achieved weight loss through positive changes to his diet and lifestyle, and feels confident this approach will work for him in the long term!

Lorraine: “For the first time, I am eating without guilt”

After spending years depriving herself, Lorraine no longer feels she is on a diet, and has built a much more positive mindset and relationship with food.
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