A poem by the lovely Susie

A poem by the lovely Susie

Since joining Second Nature, Susie has experienced many positive changes in her overall health and wellbeing. She feels the programme has given her the strength to leave her past relationship with food behind and the tools to move forward with a more balanced and positive mindset.

Below is a poem she wrote for us about her experience on our programme.


I think I have a story to tell, of a complete change of mind,
Of a turnaround in fortunes, and leaving the past behind,
Of gaining control of the nemesis in my life,
Of removing the barriers to help me survive.

For so long food has dominated, and pulled my strings,
My go-to, my crutch and my, well, let’s face it, everything,
All I could think of was when can I eat?
And what should I eat, and why am I never replete?

It took up my whole day, and caused me such pain,
From comments on my body, to fat loss and gain,
Constantly searching for the golden key,
Something to help me feel better about me.

I found Second Nature, when I was on my last gasp,
I read all the articles and started to grasp,
I could feel whole, and not empty inside,
With kind words and patience, I gained back my pride.

I’ve lost a stone in weight, but gained so much more,
Sleep was a luxury, but now I have more,
Anxiety is abated, and I am ready to thrive,
With the tools SN gave me, I now feel alive.

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