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The launch of our new and improved programme!

We've changed up and improved our programme to reflect the latest science and personalised support! Have your health coach with you every step of the way!
24th February 2022

The best blood tests to check your health

Blood tests are a great way to check on our health. But which ones should you choose? Find out the two best tests to track your health and what your results mean.
17th September 2021

Converting 100,000 lines of React Native to TypeScript

Wondering how to convert your React Native codebase to TypeScript? We recently converted 100,000 lines of our app to TypeScript. Read on to learn how!
6th May 2021

Life after lockdown — our top tips for staying healthy as restrictions lift

Wondering how you'll maintain your healthy habits after a year in lockdown? This guide has all our top tips for getting back to normality whilst staying healthy!
16th April 2021

New feature: Shopping list tool

Building on our meal planner, we've built a tool that automatically creates a shopping list from your chosen meals making it even easier to stick to your new habits!
14th April 2021

Searching for a ‘summer body’: how are UK adults feeling after the colder months?

We know that summer diets don't work and every body is a summer body! Read our research on how people are feeling ahead of the summer after a long year in lockdown
9th April 2021

The Doctor’s Kitchen Partnership announcement

We've partnered with The Doctor's Kitchen! Find out what it involves including brand new recipes based on Dr. Rupy's 3-2-1 philosophy
9th February 2021

Coronavirus and vitamin D — what do we know?

What do we know about coronavirus and vitamin D? This guide explores the latest research and government advice to find out the facts.
3rd February 2021

Are we tired of the January diet?

Read our latest research from a survey of UK adults, exploring reasons for starting and quiting a new diet, complete with suggestions for alternative options.
15th January 2021

Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting can help us identify what went well and areas we'd like to work on. See our suggestions on how to start, plus our own reflections on the year.
8th January 2021
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