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Tackling obesity and type 2 diabetes

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Improve health outcomes and reduce costs with our NHS-backed lifestyle-change programme

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A new kind of healthcare

Clinicians across the country are using Second Nature's pioneering habit change techniques and technology to improve health outcomes.

Second Nature methods have been adopted across more than half of all NHS ICSs.

The first online habit change programme to be commissioned by the NHS.

40% of people lower their HbA1c to below the diagnostic threshold for type 2 diabetes.

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Second Nature's innovative habit change programmes are globally utilised by healthcare professionals, insurance providers, and businesses to improve health.

Support your patients with the first digital behaviour change programme commissioned by the NHS

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Support your clients and employees with a health benefit that makes a difference

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Provide sustained behaviour change and engagement to your clients and employees

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Published data

With a 79% completion rate, people using the programme achieved an average 8.3% weight loss at 6 months (about 7 kg) and an average HbA1c reduction of 13.6 mmol/mol at 3 months. 40% lowered their HbA1c below the diagnostic threshold for diabetes. Our outcomes are published in Diabetic Medicine, Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes and Future of Healthcare Journal.
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Latest Second Nature success

Uptake and impact of the English National Health Service digital diabetes prevention programme: observational study. - BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care.

NHS England has recently published a study in the BMJ looking into the impact of the national diabetes prevention programme on weight loss and HbA1c (average blood glucose). We're incredibly proud of our results which saw average reductions in weight of 6.2kg and HbA1c of 2.2mmol/mol after 12 months.


Effectiveness of a Digital Lifestyle Change Program in Obese and Type 2 Diabetes Populations: A Service Evaluation of Real-World Data.

Participants who registered weight readings after 6 and 12 months achieved significant weight loss. NHS referrals lost more weight than self-funded participants, male participants lost slightly more weight than female participants, and people over the age of 60 achieved the most weight loss.

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Hampton & Kar et al. October 2018 - ATTD

Our work in Portsmouth delivered significant weight loss and HbA1c outcomes for people living with type 2 diabetes. Patients were referred by practice and specialist nurses resulting in 79% of individuals enrolling following referral.

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Second Nature: A new digital technology for lifestyle change in obese and Type 2 diabetes populations: a service evaluation of real-world data. Hampton et al. October 2018 - Diabetic Medicine

Comparing our commercial and NHS participants, 41% of those referred via the NHS were male. Even in this traditionally hard to reach group, significant weight loss outcomes were achieved.

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“We have all the required accreditations for commissioning in the NHS

Michael Whitman

Head of NHS Partnerships

NHS Commissioning accreditations

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