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Redefine obesity and diabetes care with comprehensive, evidence-based services.

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Transform health outcomes

NHS commissioners and health insurers use our proven services to support weight loss, physical activity, nutrition, type 2 diabetes prevention, type 2 diabetes management, and mental wellbeing

Second Nature services are used by more than half of all NHS Health and Care boards in the UK.

The first app-based behaviour change service to be commissioned by the NHS

People maintain 6.2kg weight loss and 40% reduce HbA1c below the type 2 diabetes threshold

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We've supported over 100,000 NHS patients through our weight management, diabetes prevention, and diabetes management services

Health insurers and employers

We support tens of thousands of insurance clients and employees with a benefit that makes a significant difference to their health goals
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Self guided weight management

Our self guided app programme helps people to build healthy habits and lose weight at scale

Tier 2 weight management

A more personalised service that provides additional lifestyle coaching from registered nutritionists and dietitians

Medication supported weight management

A multidisciplinary service combining GLP-1RA medication and lifestyle coaching for cost-effective and sustainable weight loss

Tier 3 weight management

An intensive multidisciplinary service that delivers personalised care for those living with complex obesity

Type 2 diabetes prevention

An intensive service that helps people reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes with lifestyle coaching

Type 2 diabetes support

A personalised service that helps people learn more about type 2 diabetes and lose weight to improve health outcomes

Published data

We're at the forefront of research into remotely delivered weight management, diabetes prevention, and type 2 diabetes management services

Our outcomes are published in 13 studies across the British Medical Journal, Obesity, Diabetic Medicine, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes and Future of Healthcare Journal.

Independent weight loss results

Uptake and impact of the English National Health Service digital diabetes prevention programme: observational study. - BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care.

NHS England has recently published a study in the BMJ looking into the impact of the national diabetes prevention programme on weight loss and HbA1c (average blood glucose). We're incredibly proud of our results which saw average reductions in weight of 6.2kg and HbA1c of 2.2mmol/mol after 12 months.


Ready to transform obesity and type 2 diabetes care?

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