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An interview with Dionne

Dionne now feels she has the right balance in her life. Alongside weight loss, she has experienced better quality sleep and has a healthy, positive mindset.

An interview with Dionne

Dionne joined the programme to help improve her health after years of yo-yo dieting. Following an appointment with her GP, she signed up to Second Nature and hasn’t looked back since! For the first time, Dionne feels she has the right balance in her life. Alongside losing inches and 2 and a half stone in weight, she is enjoying her meals, experiences better quality sleep, and has a healthy, positive mindset.

A bit about me

I’ve been that yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life. I’ve tried them all, each time gaining back all the weight I’d lost and more! For years, I’ve been misled by slimming clubs and what they deem to be healthy. The focus was only ever on the food and weight aspect and I lost my way.

I wanted sound nutritional advice about food and what works for me. I’d considered having a one-to-one consultation with a nutritionist but COVID put a hold on that. It was also way more expensive than I was hoping for. I also considered speaking with my doctor but was concerned this could eventually lead to me having surgery, which I didn’t want. Something had to change as I was pretty much ‘pre’ everything; diabetes, cholesterol, and tests showed fat around my organs.

But then Second Nature popped up in my search engine. It had links to the NHS so I figured this must have some good grounding behind it. I left it for a couple of months but eventually, I was drawn back to the programme and thought, “the time is now”.

“Since joining the programme, I’ve gotten so much more than I was hoping for, or even knew I wanted or needed”

Turns out, Second Nature was the thing I’d been looking for! Since joining up, I’ve gotten so much more than I was hoping for, or even knew I wanted or needed.

It’s all done via an app that gives me daily insights and articles. I also have daily contact with my health coach and fellow group members, all looking to create positive lifestyle changes. I realised I was not alone on this journey, and we were all there to support each other. This helped me so much with my focus on the reasons why I am making these lifestyle changes. The daily articles deal with so much more than just food and weight loss. They cover mindset, weight loss plateaus, sleep, exercise, and so much more. The science and up-to-date evidence the articles are based on add so much more credibility to the choices and decisions I now make.

“I was so surprised to actually recognise and feel the benefits of what a workout can do for my mood”

There is so much more on the app to keep me focused. This includes recipes, journals, tracking, meal planners, and links to great exercise workouts. But my favourite exercise is my twice-weekly 30-minute workout with Val on the Second Nature Facebook page. She really gets me working all the muscle groups with cardio and resistance training. I was so surprised to actually recognise and feel the benefits of what a workout can do for my mood. It has an instant effect!

At the very beginning, I found it surprisingly easy to cut back on carbs and limit processed foods. I also really enjoyed cooking with butter, cream, and cheese without guilt! I’ve learnt that I need far less food than I used to plate up and, with the right food combinations, not only does food taste amazing, it leaves me feeling fuller for longer too!

The first part of the programme has flown by! I don’t feel like “I am on a diet” because no food is off-limits. It’s just about eating mindfully and going back to healthy eating at the next meal. I no longer crave things like cake, chocolate, crisps or takeaways. I now finally understand the saying “this is a lifestyle change, not a diet”.

“All these changes are becoming habit!”

I’ve been able to stick to the Second Nature philosophy of a balanced meal by being mindful of the amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and non-starchy vegetables I include with my meals. Being organised and planning meals has helped me with this, as has shopping accordingly, batch cooking, and freezing meals.

I now have better quality sleep and am developing a healthy and positive mindset. I’ve lost 5 inches from my chest, waist, and hips, and a 2 and a half stone weight loss so far. And all these changes are becoming habit!

This leads me on to the biggest change – I’ve developed a new and exciting relationship with food and exercise and am confident it will stick this time! This has been my biggest battle in the past but it now feels like everything is on the same page, with added notes. There is a healthy respect for each part and I’m working towards a new healthy me!

Thank you Second Nature for giving me what I have been searching for – me! The best decision I made was when I finally signed up. If my story matches any part of yours then don’t delay like I did. Sign up for the programme and change your life, today.

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