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An interview with Kim

After just 7 weeks of following the programme, Kim lost 11lb, noticed her skin was clearer and has found the pain in her joints has almost disappeared.

An interview with Kim

After sadly losing her father in August 2020, Kim found that her life circumstances became increasingly challenging and she struggled to look after her health. Kim felt she needed guidance and support to lose weight and become healthier, and soon came across Second Nature while doing research online. After just 7 weeks of following the programme, Kim has lost 11lb, noticed her skin is clearer and has found the pain in her joints has almost disappeared.

A little about you

My name is Kim and I am 55 years old. I have arthritis in most of my joints and am currently going through the menopause.

I worked as a personal trainer for 10 years, up until Sept of 2020. I nursed and lost my father at home, to pancreatic cancer in August 2020. Unfortunately, one month later, I had to give my up my  job as a personal trainer as my working hours were changed from mornings to late evenings (which I couldn’t do due to family commitments). It felt like everything was stacking up against me diet wise. I started to clean 6am-8am to make ends meet, gradually building a portfolio of private clients and becoming a companion cleaner/carer.

I have been steadily putting weight on over the past 7 years, during which time I was trying and failing miserably to lose weight with Slimming World. While I did experience weight loss, I found I just couldn’t stick with it.

“I knew what I should be doing to become healthier…but just couldn’t get in the zone.”

Starting work at 6am each day wasn’t helping with my weight as I got so tired throughout the day that I ate to stay awake – mostly the wrong things! I knew how and what I should be doing to lose weight and become a healthier me, but just couldn’t get ‘in the zone’.

I was looking at Noom via Facebook thinking I really needed to do something to help myself before it’s too late. It seemed OK but expensive so I looked at some reviews before making my mind up. It was while looking through these reviews that I came across the name Second Nature. So I looked at that too!

“I figured that everything Second Nature offered was really good value.”

At first glance Second Nature also looked expensive, until I delved deeper. I figured that everything Second Nature offered; a qualified nutritionist, daily articles, managing mindset, the science, the chat, the recipes……was really good value. I didn’t think twice and signed up there and then!

Since joining the programme, I’ve noticed numerous improvements in my health;

  • I feel fully hydrated all the time
  • My hot flushes have lessened dramatically
  • My acute back pain has all but vanished
  • My leaky bladder is no more!
  • The pain in my feet has also gone
  • My skin is clearer

I’m also about to hit my interim target of 11 lb weight loss. All this in just under 7 weeks!

“I am now eating to live, instead of living to eat!”

I feel my joints are now well lubricated and that my body is becoming more finely tuned. I feel as though I’m in sync with my body now that I eat and sleep with regularity. I’m now eating to live, instead of living to eat!

Without a doubt, the best parts of the programme for me have been the daily articles. They are incredibly informative and have helped me to understand a hugely underestimated word… mindset. These articles help me to focus on my mindset each day. I read mine with my morning cup of tea, alone while everyone else is sleeping, and they set me up for the day.

If I falter at all, my health coach, Roisin, is always there for support. She is in our group chat throughout the week to answer any questions and give us hints and tips.

The Second Nature programme is unique! Although it is a virtual plan, someone is always there, ready to arm me with all the tools I need. The recipes are tasty, nutritious and surprisingly filling, as well as easy to follow. All the recipes I have tried have looked just as they do in the book and app, and they taste fantastic!

“I cannot fault the programme – it has surpassed my expectations.”

To be honest, I cannot fault the programme – it has surpassed my expectations. Unlike the other weight loss plans I’ve come across, Second Nature covers everything you need to know and do to create a positive mindset and stick to healthy habits for life.

To anyone who is looking to make a positive lifestyle change I would say, go for it! Second Nature is what it says and more – with the right mindset, everything is possible.

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