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10 easy, healthy snacks

Tamara Willner
Written by

Tamara Willner

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Fiona Moncrieff

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Last updated May 2024

With the majority of us at home for long periods of time right now, snacking can seem more appealing and difficult to avoid. This is a great time to experiment with healthy snack options as most of us will have more time on our hands and can eat our snacks at home rather than worrying about packing them for work or school.

It’s important to make sure that we’re snacking because we’re hungry, rather than snacking because we’re bored, tired, or stressed. If we’re snacking in response to emotions rather than hunger, then we’re more likely to snack on ultra-processed foods, such as biscuits, crisps, or cakes.

These foods are high in sugar and trans fats and are much easier to overeat than whole foods, as they activate our pleasure receptors and keep us going back for more.

If we’re snacking because we feel genuinely hungry, it’s important to choose our snacks wisely so that we feel satisfied and provide our body with essential nutrients. Snacks that are high in sugar can negatively impact our health if regularly consumed in large amounts. A smarter way to snack is to fill up on minimally-processed whole foods, which keep us feeling fuller for longer.

The dietitians here at Second Nature have put together their favourite healthy snack ideas and recipes to give you some inspiration. All snacks are lower-sugar, lower-carbohydrate, child-friendly, and minimally processed! Recipes marked with a (v) are suitable for (or can be easily adjusted for) vegetarian and vegan individuals.

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1) Savoury slice

This is a versatile dish that’s high in protein, which keeps us feeling fuller for longer. You can experiment with any vegetables you have in the fridge or even frozen varieties.

Try making a large tray of savoury slice and cutting it into small portions ready to snack on when you’re hungry. The recipe above serves meals for 4, but for snacks you could divide it into 8 slices. You can freeze any extra portions you don’t want to eat that week, and save them for another week.

savoury slice

2) Cheese and veggie sticks (v)

A simple, satisfying favourite that you can’t go wrong with. Slice up any hard cheese (e.g. cheddar, red leicester, parmesan, or edam) and vegetables (e.g. carrots, celery, radish, edamame peas, or cucumber) you have, and enjoy!

If you want to plan ahead to save time, consider chopping the vegetables at the beginning of each week and leaving them in a tupperware container in the fridge. Then, when you want a snack, grab a few veggie sticks and slice a small piece of cheese. For vegetarians, opt for a vegetarian hard cheese, and for vegans you could swap the cheese for 1-2 falafels or some hummus.

cheese and vegetables

3) Seed crackers and hummus (v)

For a crunchy, savoury snack, try our seed crackers. Unlike traditional crackers, these contain purely ground seeds, whole seeds, and olive oil, making them a naturally low-carbohydrate option. These crackers are naturally vegan.

Consider making a batch of these crackers at the start of the week and changing what you eat them with. For example one day you could have 2 crackers with a small amount of cheese, and another day you could have 2 crackers with ¼ of an avocado.

seed crackers

4) Yoghurt and berries (v)

A super quick, sweeter option is 3 tablespoons of natural, unsweetened, yoghurt (e.g. plain, Greek yoghurt) with a small handful of berries (e.g. blueberries, raspberries, blackberries). Opt for full-fat yoghurt, as healthy fats keep us feeling full for longer, and low-fat varieties can contain added sugar. Vegetarian or vegan individuals can swap dairy yoghurt for alternatives, such as soy or coconut yoghurt.

Berries are a good choice of fruit if you’re following a lower-carb diet, as they’re naturally lower in sugar compared with other fruits, such as banana or citrus fruits. To reduce costs, frozen berries are just as nutritious and much cheaper. You can put them straight into your yoghurt or microwave them in a small bowl or mug for 20 seconds to make a compote.

yoghurt and berries

5) Spicy chickpeas (v)

A delicious snack for little effort, these paprika-roasted chickpeas are a great swap for crisps. They’re best eaten fresh, as that’s when they’ll be most crispy. Consider making a big batch in the morning for the whole family to snack on during the day. When you’re hungry, grab a handful and enjoy! They’re also naturally vegan.

Spicy chickpeas

6) Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It was once thought that they contributed to heart disease, as they’re high in cholesterol, but we now know that dietary cholesterol doesn’t impact the cholesterol in our blood.

Boiled eggs are a versatile snack, and can be eaten alone, mashed up with ½ a teaspoon of butter, or even sliced on our seed crackers (see above).

boiled eggs

7) Thai fish cakes

For a snack packed with flavour, try these Thai fishcakes. You can cook a big batch of these at the start of the week and keep them in the fridge in a tupperware container. When you’re hungry, grab 1-2 and eat cold or microwave until hot.

8) Baba Ganoush (v)

This delicious dip is a great way to add a few extra vegetables to your daily intake. Pair it with our seed crackers or veggie sticks for a satisfying snack. Try making a large amount of baba ghanoush on the weekend and keeping it in the fridge, ready for when you want a snack. It can also make a great side dish to throw-together meals.

Baba Ghanoush

9) Blueberry pancakes (v)

It sounds unusual to have pancakes as a snack, but unlike traditional pancakes, our blueberry pancakes are lower in sugar and higher in fibre. This leaves us feeling full for longer. Our pancakes are suitable for vegetarians, but not vegan individuals as they contain eggs.

This recipe is a family favourite and a great swap for muffins or cakes. You can make a large batch of pancakes and have them ready in the fridge for the week. Consider having one pancake on its own, or half a pancakes with a spoon of natural yoghurt and a few blueberries on top.

Blueberry pancakes

10) Mixed nuts/nut butter (v)

If you’ve had no time to prepare snacks ahead and you’re looking for a quick option, simply eat a handful of mixed nuts or a spoonful of nut butter (e.g. peanut butter or almond butter). Nuts are high in healthy fats and protein, which keep us feeling full for longer. Nut butters are delicious with a square of high-quality dark chocolate (85% plus).

Opt for the plain varieties, rather than salted mixed nuts or nuts coated in flavourings. If you have more time on your hands and want to try something new, you can roast plain mixed nuts with a little salt, pepper, and squeezed lime in the oven for roughly 15 mins at 180 degrees.

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12 October, 2023

I have tried using lupin seeds. Needs to soaked in water over night then boiled with little salt. They are very rich in protein, potassium, magnesium and other elements, and really delicious and makes you feel full.


24 May, 2022

Snack recipes look great and easy to create, thank you

Andrew Stannard

27 January, 2022

The last time I wanted to lose a stone in weight ? All did was ! gave up hard cheese and peanut butter..of which both are in your ok to have selection ?


2 February, 2022

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your comment!

Cheese is a source of protein and calcium and forms an important part of a balanced diet. With regards to portion sizes for cheese, this comes down to a common-sense approach. How much cheese do you need in a particular meal to complement the dish?

As a starting point, while you learn how much your body needs to feel satisfied, you might like to aim for around 40g or a matchbox size portion. We also recommend choosing full-fat options, as these will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

We recommend a serving of healthy fats (e.g. a tbsp of peanut butter or crushed nuts) with each meal. This will better fuel you throughout the day and help to improve your blood sugar control.

If you’d like to learn more about our programme, you can take our health quiz here, or email with any questions 😊


2 January, 2022

Hi I can’t see the serving in the recipes. How do you see it. Thanks


30 January, 2022

Hi Sharon,

If you click through a recipe in this guide, for example, the ‘Thai fish cakes’, you’ll see ‘Serves 4’ just below the recipe title.

If you’re looking at recipes in our app, you’ll see the number of servings just to the right of the ‘Ingredients’ heading.

If you’re not yet subscribed to our programme, our app includes an extensive catalog of healthy and delicious recipes. To learn more about our programme, you can take our health quiz here, or email with any questions 😊


9 November, 2021

I’m just starting the programme. Finding the recipes really helpful and want to get started. But I can’t see the carb content of the recipes above. Am I missing something or can they be included. Many thanks


12 November, 2021

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your comment, so pleased you’re enjoying the recipes 🙂

The carbs per serving are listed in our app for each recipe. You can search the ‘Savoury slice’ recipe in our app’s recipe section by following the instructions below:

1. Select the ‘Toolbox’ icon from the bottom toolbar in-app
2. Select ‘Recipes’
3. Tap on the search bar at the top and type ‘Savoury slice’ and then ‘search’ on the bottom right
4. Tap on the Savoury slice recipe

The Savoury slice recipe has 0.5 complex carb portions per serving.

You can also search our recipes section for the ‘Seed crackers’, ‘Beetroot hummus’, ‘Spicy roast chickpeas’, ‘Yoghurt bowl’, ‘Thai fish cakes’, ‘Babaganoush’, and ‘Blueberry oat pancakes’.

This article provides guidance to calculate carbs. You can also reach out to your health coach in the ‘Chat’ section in-app for any questions about carb servings 🙂


12 October, 2021

I really like peanut butter and have been avoiding it, thinking it contains too much oil. Can I have a teaspoon on half a slice of toast, with no other butter, I’m really into small snack but have snacked less since working from home, we stopped buying crisps 2 months ago, so feeling very 😁


26 October, 2021

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your comment!

You can certainly enjoy a spoonful of nut butter on toast 🙂 Nuts are high in healthy fats and protein, which keep us feeling full for longer. A thin slice of wholegrain or sourdough bread will count as one carb serving on our programme. This article provides more detail on calculating carb servings for our programme.


11 October, 2021

Finding these tips very helpful instead of junk food/ easy food to go to.


18 October, 2021

Hi Diane,

So pleased this guide’s been helpful 🙂

If you’re not yet subscribed to our programme, Second Nature offers a collection of delicious recipes along with our nutritional guidelines and support from a health coach, a registered dietician or nutritionist.

To learn more, you can take our health quiz here, or email with any questions.


20 September, 2021

Some brilliant ideas , thank you .
I do shift work and when I’m on earlies I find it really hard to eat breakfast so this helps a lot , I normally get hungry about 10.00 do I could take something like thes with me and not attack the cakes !


28 September, 2021

Hi Sue,

So pleased you’ve found this guide helpful! That’s a great idea to pack a healthy snack so you’re less tempted to reach for sweets at work.

If you’re interested in learning more about our programme, you can take our health quiz here, or email with any questions 🙂


9 September, 2021

Love the chick peas


20 September, 2021

They’re delicious aren’t they 😋

The recipe catalog on our programme includes a wonderful variety of meal and snack options. If you’re interested in learning more about our programme, you can take our health quiz here.

Julie Lineham

9 September, 2021

Sounds really good


20 September, 2021

Hi Julie,

We hope you enjoy these snack suggestions!

If you’re interested in learning more about our programme, you can take our health quiz here.

Pauline mills

22 August, 2021

Sounds great

Fiona Heath

14 August, 2021

these Snack’s look like meal sizes.

Jacquelyn trotman

9 August, 2021

These are fabulous ideas specially when working nights.


14 August, 2021

Hi Jacquelyn, so pleased to hear these will be helpful! If you’d like to learn more about our programme, please click here to take our health quiz.


31 July, 2021

Love these suggestions, but instead of snacking could these be my lunch?


2 August, 2021

Hi Penny, you could certainly have one of these for a lunch. To build balanced meals, we recommend the following:

– Choose a source of protein
– Add some non-starchy vegetables, the more variety the better! This should form the bulk of your meal.
– Have no more than three servings of complex carbohydrates per day
– Include at least one serving of healthy fats

For access to our full recipe catalog and to learn more about our programme, please click here 🙂

Barbara Howell

21 July, 2021

I shall spend some time this evening making some healthy snacks


7 July, 2021

This is just the thing I was looking for! Thanks for some great ideas!

brian howe

3 July, 2021

look forward to trying different wholesome meals and snacks..

Janice Oros

29 June, 2021

I will definitely be using these snack recipes.

Tracey Austin

24 June, 2021

Some wonderful recipes I am certainly going to try

Tracey Clark

3 June, 2021

Will definitely be making some if these to replace crisps at the weekend.


24 June, 2021

Hi Tracey, that’s a great plan! Our programme offers a full catalog of healthy recipes and snack ideas. To learn more, you can take our health quiz here.

Lyn Hicks

31 May, 2021

Fantastic tasty ideas for snacks. I’d want to eat theses as a choice!

Rebecca Reynolds

13 May, 2021

Lovely choice of snacks looking forward to making the crackers Thai fish cakes mmmm


18 April, 2021

Good advice regarding snacks but if would be helpful if we could see the answers to the questions please

Michele Brookes

15 March, 2021

I noticed lime in the roasted nut snack. Am i ok to have squeezed lime in water as this enables me to drink more?


7 March, 2021

Pre planning meals for a week is going to help me alot I feel. Not something I have done in the past.


7 March, 2021

Food look nice I should buy some wheat crackers I must try that instead. The problem with Hummos it goes off quickly i like it have used it quickly?


3 March, 2021

Very pleased cheese and eggs are included for snacks, tenor my favourite foods

Val gregory

16 February, 2021

Snacks suggestions are great. A five day plan even better.


8 February, 2021

Good ideas. If they are pre made for the week then it should be easier to control my snacking.

Stephen Henderson

22 November, 2020

Thanks for these great tips,as I drive for a living snacking is a down fall with these helpful recipes I am it will help me ,thank you.

Nadia Mazzone

22 November, 2020

They seem really nice snacks, can’t wait to try them.

Helen Reemers

29 July, 2020

How many snacks are you allowed each day?


13 June, 2020

I am a type 2 diabetic and have a permanent stoma therefore I am unable to eat many food groups such as nuts, seeds, pulses and a lot of fibre, have you any suggestions for suitable snacks please.
Thanks Sheila

Jane Woods

7 June, 2020

The Thai fish cakes, blueberry pancakes and yogurt and berries were all delicious.

Abby brookes

29 April, 2020

Hello, can I ask are weetabix considered a healthy snack? Or for breakfast would weetabix and grapes or raisins be ok? Or are they high in carbs which are difficult to shift


11 April, 2021

Hi Abby, did you end up getting a reply to your question about weetbix? I’m interested to know as well.

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