Augusta Gray

Augusta Gray

A registered nutritionist (ANutr), Augusta has a BSc-Hons in biomedical sciences, majoring in Human Nutrition from the University of Westminster, and a BA-Hons in Psychology from Macquarie University in Australia.

She’s our resident recipe developer, food stylist and content creator at Second Nature! Augusta's role fulfils her passion for food and helping people fall in love with cooking (and eating) delicious, nutritious recipes!

Augusta’s Latest Articles
Sides, sauces and dips

Tropical sunrise mocktail

Sit back and relax, enjoy this sugar free, naturally sweet mocktail on a warm day!
Sides, sauces and dips

Raspberry, lime, and mint mocktail

This mocktail is sweetened with fruit and is incredibly refreshing on a warm day! We heard that if you drink it with your eyes closed, it can transport you to a beach!

Butter chicken

Our spin on this takeaway dish doesn’t skimp on flavour. We’ve balanced a full-bodied sauce with plenty of veggies, great for a Friday night fake-away!

Healthy pizza recipes

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