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Dietitians and Nutritionists in Sydney

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Last updated July 2024

Are you looking to make some healthy changes and lose some weight? Receiving support and guidance from a dietitian is a great step in the right direction.

There are many different options if you live in Sydney. We’ve done the research to share some of the top dietitian clinics in the area.

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Dietitian, nutritionist, or naturopath?

You may be confused about understanding the different terms nutritionist, dietitian, and naturopath. To clarify this for you:

For more detail about the differences between nutrition professionals, take a look at our
guide comparing dietitians, nutritionists, and naturopaths.

Dietitians in Sydney

1)  Sydney City Nutritionist and Food Intolerance Australia

Jennifer is the director and sole nutritionist at Sydney City Nutritionist and Food Intolerance Australia. She works with patients in her clinic, one on one and in a group setting, and also partners with large organisations for workplace well-being initiatives. 

Jennifer offers a range of programs including a Food Intolerance Program, her Fresh Start Program and an 8 Weeks to Change your Life Program. She also offers support with preconception and pregnancy, personalised diet plans and body composition analysis. 

Clients can opt for a face-to-face or telehealth consultation.


2) The Dietologist

Stefanie Valakas is the founder of The Dietologist and is a leading women’s health dietitian and nutritionist in Australia. 

The Dietologist speciality areas include; pregnancy, PCOS, endometriosis, hypothalamic amenorrhoea, thyroid issues such as Hashimoto’s, irritable bowel syndrome, early menopause and preconception for males and females.

Their services include online consultations and online programs for individuals and couples. Stefanie also has a cookbook and hosts a podcast with topics related to her specialty areas.

Phone number: (02) 8088 6266

3) Chloe McLeod

Chloe is a dietitian specialising in food intolerance, sports nutrition and nutrition for arthritis and autoimmune conditions. 

Chloe works with clients individually and consults with companies on workplace wellbeing. In addition to this, she is the current consultant sports dietitian for the Parramatta Eels NRL team as well as a media dietitian, offering comment to media publications.

Clients can choose to see Chloe in person at Redfern or online.


Alternative option

The challenge with seeing a dietitian in Sydney is that you have to take a few hours out of your week to travel to and from the session and have the consultation. There are also travelling expenses associated with face-to-face consultations.

While some appointments can now be done online, they often cost the same as in person appointments. On top of this, you’re limited to your appointment slot 

For this reason, many people prefer the convenience of an online program, where they can communicate with their dietitian or nutritionist around their busy lifestyle. Plus, many individuals find a digital peer support group to be motivating and helpful.

Second Nature is a digital program that helps you to lose weight and make sustainable lifestyle changes. Second Nature combines support from registered nutritionists and dietitians with the convenience of an app-based program. 

Many people are more familiar with Weight Watchers or Noom, so we created a guide comparing the digital programs with Second Nature to help you decide what’s best for you.

The Second Nature program focuses on three areas that lead to long-term habit change: tracking, support, and education. When you sign up for the program, you receive:

  • Daily support from a dietitian or registered nutritionist health coach
  • Access to a local support group via the app, with members who have started the programme at the same time (up to 40 members) digital peer support group
  • 2-week, risk-free trial
  • Hundreds of in-app recipe videos
  • Daily educational articles 
  • Meal planning and journaling tools
  • Steps, weight, and habit tracking technology

We’ll help you change your habits to healthier ones, entirely from our app with no need for face-to-face meetings.

Take a look at our Trustpilot reviews to understand what people think of the program.


Monthly face-to-face consultations with a dietitian, nutritionist, or naturopath at a clinic can be very expensive ($150+/hour).

We have compared the prices of visiting any private nutrition clinic in Sydney with the Second Nature program in the table below:

Monthly dietitian Second Nature
Price $150+ / month $75 / month

To find out more about what users think of Second Nature, read their stories here.

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