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Nutritionists in Bristol

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Last updated March 2024

Are you looking to make some healthy changes and lose some weight? Having a personal consultation with a nutritionist is a great step in the right direction.

From Clifton to Redcliffe, there are a number of different options if you live in Bristol.

We have done the research to provide you with this complete guide to choosing the best option for you.

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Dietitian, nutritionist, or nutritional therapist?

You might have been confused by seeing the different terms nutritionist, dietitian, and nutritional therapist. To clarify this for you:

Table explaining the differences between dieticians, nutritionists, and nutritional therapists.

For more detail about the differences between nutrition professionals, take a look at our guide comparing dietitians, nutritionists, and nutritional therapists.

Private nutrition clinics in Bristol

1) Rosie Letts Nutrition

Rosie Letts is a nutritional therapist that offers 1-1 consultations that address a large range of health issues.

Her clinic is run according to the functional medicine approach. This approach differs from conventional medicine and looks at ‘healing’ the body by the alternative nutritional therapy method.
+44 (0) 117 956 7297
St Matthias, Steiner Academy, College Rd, Bristol, BS16 2JP

2) Fresh Approach Nutrition

This clinic is run by Sophie Claessens, a registered dietitian. Sophie specialises in weight loss and weight management, allergies and intolerances, mental health nutrition, IBS, gut health, the low FODMAP diet, and general healthy eating advice.

Sophie offers nutrition consultancy for businesses as well as individuals.
+44 (0)789 271 2047
Quinn Clinics, 4 Redland Court Road, Bristol, Bristol, BS6 7EE.

3) Nutricium

This clinic is run by a team of nutritionists. It was founded by Charlotte Turner, a registered nutritionist.

They offer face-to-face consultations as well as online skype clinics and clinics in London, and cover a wide range of health issues, from weight loss to eating disorders.
+44 (0)741 832 8055
24 Regent St, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4HG.

Alternative option

The challenge with seeing a nutritionist or dietitian in Bristol is that you have to take a few hours out of your week to travel to and from the session and have the consultation. There are also travelling expenses associated with face-to-face consultations. 

In the current climate, most in-face appointments have been shifted to online but might still cost the same amount. On top of this, you’re limited to your appointment slot rather than getting support as and when you need it. 

For this reason, many people prefer the convenience of an online programme, where they can communicate with their nutritionist or dietitian around their busy lifestyle. Plus, many individuals find a digital peer support group to be motivating and helpful. 

Second Nature is a digital programme that helps you to lose weight and make sustainable lifestyle changes. Second Nature combines support from registered nutritionists and dietitians with the convenience of an app-based programme.

Many people are more familiar with Weight Watchers or Slimming World, so we created a guide comparing the digital programmes with Second Nature to help you decide what’s best for you.

The Second Nature programme focuses on three areas that lead to long-term habit change: tracking, support, and education. When you sign up for the programme, you receive:

  1. Daily support from a registered dietitian or nutritionist health coach
  2. A digital peer support group 
  3. 2-week, risk-free trial
  4. Hundreds of in-app recipe videos 
  5. Daily educational articles
  6. Meal planning and journaling tools
  7. Steps, weight, and habit tracking technology

We’ll help you replace bad habits with healthy ones, entirely from our app with no need for face-to-face meetings. 

Take a look at our Trustpilot reviews to understand what people think of the programme.

Trustpilot review score for Second Nature


Weekly face-to-face sessions with a dietitian, nutritionist, or nutritional therapist at a clinic in Bristol can be very expensive (£40-£100/hour).

To compare the prices of visiting any private nutrition clinic in Bristol with joining the Second Nature programme, we have added a column representing this (Weekly Nutritionist).

Weekly nutritionist Second Nature
Per month £300 £40


Meet a member

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what a Second Nature member who lives in Bristol has to say about her experience of making healthy lifestyle changes:

1) Have you ever seen a nutritionist or dietitian in the Bristol area?

I have not made any appointments to date.

2) Have you ever tried any weight loss programmes or slimming clubs prior to Second Nature?

I have not personally signed up with any programme or slimming club. However, my wife has been a slimming club member in the past.

3) How did you hear about Second Nature?

During a routine check-up with my local GP, he noted that my blood sugar levels were high (I also had middle-aged tummy spread), mainly as a result of my diet (lots of cakes/biscuits etc) and if I had maintained this lifestyle I could have been at risk of type 2 diabetes. So he offered me a number of options to help the situation, one of which was the opportunity to join the Second Nature programme.

4) What made you sign up?

I signed up because the programme content, processes, and requirements fitted really well into my daily life, both work and socially. I found that whole programme extremely beneficial, and my blood sugar levels and weight are way down. The ‘Sustain’ part of the programme (that comes after 3 months of core) has been a real bonus because you still feel connected to the programme, but without the pressures that one would normally associate with a healthy lifestyle programme. The app and tracker are excellent and really make you feel that you have real ownership of the process, but with the excellent support just a message away.

5) Do you feel that Second Nature is good value for money?

For me, Second Nature is extremely good value. It has helped me (and continues to help me) and without it I don’t believe I could have achieved as much as I have.  I will continue to use for as long as I am allowed to.

To find out more about what users think of Second Nature, read their stories here.

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Make losing weight feel Second Nature

The first step on your Second Nature journey is to take our health quiz.

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David Karney

15 September, 2021

Looking for help with Weight challenges for my 10 years daughters, Please could someone contact me.



21 September, 2021

Hi David,

Thanks for your comment!

Our programme is available to anyone 18 and over. We’d recommend speaking with your daughter’s GP to see if they can refer you to a nutritionist or specialist that would be able to support her.

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