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Weight Watchers (WW) vs Slimming World

Tamara Willner
Written by

Tamara Willner

Medically reviewed by

Fiona Moncrieff

9 min read
Last updated February 2024
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Neda Motaghian

3 April, 2021

Hello there, I would like to give the scound nature a go ,I have ander active tyrouied and I am 45 years old I do excersise everyday and u walk everyday but I can stop eating treat, sweet ,nuts and everythings .I think I will try to first try a two week if this suit my life I will go for three months .thank you

Eithne Quinn

27 March, 2021

I would like to give the second nature plan a go. I have a number of health conditions & need to loose about 10lb & maintain this loss.

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