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Wegovy weight-loss jab launches in the UK

Robbie Puddick
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Robbie Puddick

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Last updated April 2024

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Novo Nordisk has announced that Wegovy (semaglutide) will launch in the UK on Monday 4th September. Initially, stock will be limited to the NHS, selected private clinics, and weight-loss programmes like Second Nature.

Wegovy will be available in the NHS through specialist weight-management services (Second Nature is also a provider) via referral from a GP if you meet specific eligibility criteria such as a BMI over 35.

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What is Wegovy, and does it work?

Wegovy (semaglutide) is a GLP-1 receptor agonist that helps reduce hunger and appetite, allowing you to eat fewer calories, lose weight, and manage your blood sugar levels. Wegovy is taken once a week via a self-administered injection.

High-quality studies have shown that semaglutide alongside a lifestyle intervention leads to weight loss of around 15% after 68 weeks compared to a placebo.

Lifestyle interventions without semaglutide tend to lead to an average weight loss of around 5-10%.

Losing and maintaining weight loss of more than 10% is associated with significantly reducing complications related to obesity, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

A recent paper published in The Lancet showed that nearly 20% of participants in lifestyle interventions without medications gain weight, around 40% lose between 1-10% of their body weight, and just 13% lose more than 10%.

In comparison, less than 5% of participants combining semaglutide with lifestyle interventions gain weight, around 10% lose between 1-10%, and 87% lose more than 10%.

So, 47% more people lose more than 10% of body weight on lifestyle interventions with semaglutide compared to lifestyle interventions alone.

Should I buy Wegovy?

Ideally, we’d be able to lose weight without medication and lifestyle changes would be enough to support weight loss in the long term.

We’d generally recommend trying Second Nature’s weight-loss programme before considering a weight-loss jab.

Changing your habits is the most sustainable way to achieve long-term weight loss, and it’s also less expensive.

Second Nature has been providing weight-loss services in the UK since 2017 and data from 2022 showed we were twice as effective at supporting weight loss than four other providers.

However, this doesn’t mean Second Nature works for everyone. Unfortunately, some individuals’ situation is much more complicated than they appear externally, and it’s not as simple as eating better and trying to change habits. 

If you’ve been dieting for many years with your weight cycling up and down consistently, your body likely struggles to lose weight and keep it off as your brain tries to hold on and protect the fat levels in your body.

In these circumstances, our appetite can be heightened, and we can spend every waking hour thinking about food, with no energy for other areas of our lives.

This is where the medication can come in. Semaglutide communicates directly with the brain’s appetite control centre to lower food-seeking behaviour and hunger.

This added support can give patients the extra headspace they need to focus on other areas of their lives, including improving their diet and changing their habits.

Why should I choose Second Nature?

Many companies (Boots, Superdrug, Juniper, and Weight Watchers) will offer semaglutide injections alongside a weight-loss programme. We’ll be biased and recommend you choose Second Nature and that’s for one reason: 

Peace of mind.

Second Nature is the only UK company that provides private weight-loss injections and is also trusted by the NHS to provide weight-loss services, alongside receiving NICE approval to deliver weight-management services with Wegovy medication.

The NHS has used Second Nature for over 6 years, and we ensure we abide by the highest levels of data security and patient safety.

With that, we believe there comes a level of authenticity and peace of mind that other providers can’t match (e.g. Weight Watchers, Boots, Superdrug, Juniper, Numan, Manual, etc).

If you want to go with a company with a proven track record of providing the most effective digital weight-loss programme to the NHS (as proven in our official scientific publications in the British Medical Journal and others), then give us a go.

Wegovy information

Product name Wegovy
Active ingredient Semaglutide
Manufacturer Novo Nordisk
Price £229
What’s included?
    • Access to a registered nutritionist or dietitian five days a week via our award-winning app
    • Weighing scales and our hardback recipe book
    • Peace of mind that we’re the only Wegovy provider who’s also trusted by the NHS to deliver weight-loss services
Second Nature Trustpilot rating 4.8/5
Second Nature Trustpilot reviews 6,888 (as of January 2024)
Availability In stock
Description Once weekly weight-loss injection
Administration Subcutaneous injection (multiple sites like the arm, stomach, or leg)
Presentation Injection pen
Available dosage 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 1.7 mg, 2.4 mg
Drug class GLP-1 receptor agonist
When pregnant/breastfeeding Not permitted


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