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Where can you buy liraglutide online in the UK?

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Last updated July 2024

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You can buy liraglutide from registered pharmacies in the UK. However, liraglutide isn’t the most effective weight-loss injection available in the UK. Semaglutide (Wegovy) and tirzepatide (Mounjaro) are available and lead to more weight loss than liraglutide.

Research shows that tirzepatide supports an average weight loss of around 25% after one year. On semaglutide, it’s 15-17%, and on liraglutide, it’s 5-7%.

A graphic displaying the top three best weight loss injections in the UK in 2024 based on weight loss outcomes.

Second Nature has both a Wegovy weight-loss programme and a Mounjaro weight-loss programme, but as noted above there’s strict eligibility criteria.

This programme includes access to a registered nutritionist or dietitian who can help you build healthy habits for lasting weight loss.

You’ll need a prescription to buy tirzepatide or semaglutide, and as part of our programme, we’ll provide this prescription for you and deliver the medication to your door.

You’ll first need to take a short health quiz to determine whether you’re eligible for the drug, as strict eligibility criteria exist.

It’s worth noting that the drug ‘tirzepatide’ is sold under the brand name Mounjaro, which has been approved in the UK for weight loss.

Aside from Mounjaro, the other most popular weight-loss injection in the UK is called Wegovy.

Wegovy (the drug is called ‘semaglutide’) is the same drug as Ozempic, but is available in higher doses. Ozempic is no longer available for weight loss in the UK but only for people with type 2 diabetes.

How much does liraglutide cost?

The cost of liraglutide and the injectable pens required for 56 days will be around £324, or around £160 per month.

The price would then increase incrementally the longer you use the medication. Saxenda is generally recommended for up to 12 weeks, costing anywhere between £485-£540.

Buying injectable tirzepatide (Mounjaro) from Second Nature starts from £229 for lowest doses of Mounjaro, rising up to £269 and £299 for the highest doses (15mg is the highest dose of Mounjaro).

The cost of the other weight-loss injection, Wegovy, is currently the same: starting from £229 and rising to £299 for the highest doses.

Weight-loss injections aren’t a magic pill

Weight-loss injections are most effective when combined with a healthier lifestyle. They can help kickstart weight loss while you commit to developing healthier habits.

Mounjaro and other weight loss injections, like Ozempic and Wegovy, can allow you to make lifestyle changes to support long-term weight loss.

These medications can help silence food-related thoughts and give you a boost of confidence with more immediate weight-loss results.

They can also buy you the time and headspace to understand why your body may have struggled to lose weight previously and to build new long-term healthy habits.

The core focus of our medication programmes is to calm down the feeling of food noise, lower your cravings, and allow you to build healthier habits to keep the weight off for good.

The ultimate goal is to make losing weight feel second nature.

Second Nature’s medication-supported programmes

Second Nature has two medication-supported programmes: a Wegovy weight-loss programme and a Mounjaro weight-loss programme.

If you’ve made the decision to try Wegovy or Mounjaro (assuming you’re eligible), why should you choose Second Nature over other medication providers?

For peace of mind.

Second Nature has worked with the NHS for over 6 years providing weight-loss programmes across the UK.

Whilst our Wegovy and Mounjaro weight-loss programmes are private and not currently used by the NHS, we’ve built the programmes with a focus on scientific evidence, patient safety, and data security.

We hope that our 6+ years of working with the NHS and building a track record of effective weight-loss results will give you peace of mind to give us a try.

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