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Working From Home: The Ultimate Guide

Are you working from home a lot recently? Learn how to prepare our environment, stick to a routine, and protect our wellbeing while working from home.
Weight Loss Programmes

The MEDIWEIGHT™ Programme

Are you deciding whether to join the MEDIWEIGHT programme? We have done the research for you, complete with price comparisons and programme features.
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How to Enjoy a Healthy Pancake Day

Worried about falling off the wagon on Pancake Day? Learn how to celerbate while enjoying lower sugar alternatives, complete with recipes and top tips.
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How to Recommend Second Nature to a Loved One

If you've been building healthy habits with Second Nature & want to recommend it to a friend, this guide explains how to, without hurting their feelings.
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Healthy Gift Ideas

Whether you are buying for others or making your own wishlist, here are some great gift ideas to encourage healthy lifestyle change.
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New Year’s Reflections

What’s worked well for you in 2019? What habits would you like to break next year? Learn how to reflect on 2019 so that you can flourish in 2020.
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5 Top Tips For Avoiding Christmas Guilt

Do you often feel guilty after indulging in the festive period? Learn how to control guilt and enjoy Christmas, without forgetting your health goals.
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How to Make Successful New Year’s Resolutions

What causes 80% of people to break their New Year's resolutions before January is out? Learn how to make lifestyle change resolutions that will last!
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Top Tips to Watch Your Alcohol Intake During The Festive Period

Worried about overindulging during the festive period? Learn how to control alcohol intake, without sacrificing the fun! Exciting mocktail recipes included.
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’The Game Changers’: Second Nature’s Response

Is giving up meat a 'Game Changer'? A break down of the evidence used by this popular Netflix film to claim that a vegan diet improves performance & health.

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