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Warm halloumi, spelt and roast seasonal veg salad

Megan Widdows
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Megan Widdows

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Fiona Moncrieff

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Last updated June 2024

One of four delicious recipes for dinner that has been produced in collaboration with Farmdrop, an online grocer and delivery service with a focus on food sourced from local farmers, fishermen and other producers.

These recipes are ideal for keeping for lunch the next day too – perfect for meal prepping or for those heading back to the office.

Showcasing the best seasonal produce from Farmdrop, these autumnal dishes work as part of Second Nature’s easy to follow programme that helps to build healthy habits that last, while still enjoying delicious food.

Recipe: Warm halloumi, spelt and roast seasonal veg salad

Prep and cooking time: 35 mins

Serves: 4


  • 1 small seasonal squash or ½ a larger squash
  • 1 bulb fennel
  • 1 small red onion
  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 250g rainbow or green chard
  • 250g halloumi
  • 90g pearled spelt
  • 1 tsp bouillon powder or ½ a vegetable stock cube
  • 70ml extra virgin olive or cold-pressed rapeseed oil
  • 30ml sherry vinegar
  • 2 tsp Dijon mustard
  • ½ tsp chilli flakes


    1. Preheat the oven to 220C℃/200℃ fan/ gas mark 7. Cut the (unpeeled) squash in half, scoop out the seeds and cut into approximately inch thick wedges. Cut the fennel bulb through the root into 6-8 wedges depending on size. Peel the onion and cut into chunky wedges.
    2. Toss with olive oil and salt, transfer to a roasting dish (or divide between a couple of roasting dishes so the veg isn’t too crowded, as this will prevent browning) and roast for 25mins, or until tender and slightly charred at the edges.
    3. Chop the chard across the stems into pieces about an inch thick, wash well.
    4. Cook the spelt in boiling water and the vegetable stock for 20mins. Add the chard and cook for 1min, then drain.
    5. While the spelt is cooking, whisk or blend the dressing ingredients together (70ml oil, sherry vinegar, Dijon mustard, chilli flakes).
    6. Drain the halloumi and pat dry. Cut into strips and fry in a large frying pan, with a drizzle of oil, over medium heat until golden brown on both sides.
    7. Mix the warm spelt and chard with the roasted veg, drizzle with the dressing and top with the hot halloumi cheese.
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