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Numan vs. Second Nature

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Last updated September 2023

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Numan and Second Nature are weight-loss programmes offering GLP-1 medications, like semaglutide, alongside a digital lifestyle intervention.

Ideally, we’d lose weight without needing the support of medication. However, for those individuals who’ve tried to lose weight consistently over many years without success, extra support might be needed.

If you’re looking for a weight-loss programme alongside a GLP-1 medication like semaglutide, we will be biased and recommend that you choose Second Nature over Numan.

The main difference between the two programmes is experience. Second Nature has been delivering weight-loss services in the UK for the NHS since 2017; Second Nature was the first digital weight-loss programme to be commissioned by the NHS.

Furthermore, in 2022, research published in the BMJ demonstrated that Second Nature was more than twice as effective as four other well-known weight-loss programmes in the UK.

This data is in addition to over seven years of clinical data showcasing the impact of the Second Nature programme on weight loss and type 2 diabetes. For a complete outline of our clinical data, click here.

The research behind our program is why we continue to build on our partnership with the NHS and expand our work within the healthcare sector.

In comparison, Numan originally started as a men’s health organisation, selling supplements and pharmaceutical products specifically focused on men’s health.

Numan launched its weight-loss programme in 2022 alongside a GLP-1 medication, semaglutide. Numan doesn’t have any published or pre-print data showcasing its effectiveness.

However, there are some similarities between the two programmes, which we’ve summarised below.

The three main similarities between Numan and Second Nature

  1. Whole-food approach to weight loss: Both programmes recommend a whole-food-rich diet to support sustainable weight loss.
  2. Pharmacy partnerships: Both companies are partnered with a pharmacy to deliver the programme and ensure the clinical safety of all patients.
  3. Health coaches and nutritionists: Both programmes utilise the expertise of registered nutritionists or dietitians as health coaches to provide personalised support.

Additionally, there are several key differences between the two programmes that go beyond the level of experience that we’ve described above. These are summarised below.

The three main differences between Numan and Second Nature

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1) Approach to nutrition: what does Numan believe in?

On Numan’s homepage, they advertise that their programme will help you ‘reframe your relationship with food’. Inherently, you’d imagine their content would mirror this and promote a positive relationship with food to help you lose weight.

Interestingly though, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Their website contains many articles on the importance of calorie counting and listing foods to ‘avoid’ when trying to lose weight.

Research shows that dieting and restrained eating practices (like avoiding specific foods or entire food groups) predict weight gain, not weight loss.

One of the reasons for this is known as the ‘white bear problem’, a theory in psychology that states that the more you try and restrict a thought (or food) from your mind, the more accessible that thought is to you.

Essentially, when you try to identify foods as bad and to be avoided, you’re more likely to think about them and overeat them.

Second Nature knows this. Our evidence-based programme uses the most up-to-date psychological, nutritional, and health science.

We don’t recommend you cut out entire food groups or say to ‘avoid’ any foods. We provide you with a sensible, flexible approach to nutrition that is healthy and sustainable so you can lose weight and keep it off in the long term.

2) Length and structure of programmes

Second Nature’s programme is a clinically designed 12-month intervention. This is to allow you the time you need to adjust to the medication and change your behaviour for the long term, so you lose weight and keep it off.

Our approach has been developed and used in the NHS since 2017, supporting individuals to lose weight and helping manage their type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, you can choose to stay on Second Nature for longer and continue to access personalised content and support if you need to. Also, if you don’t wish to stay the full 12 months, that’s fine too – we’re all on different journeys.

Throughout your journey, your health coach and group are there with you every step of the way; your level of support never changes.

In comparison, Numan’s programme is as long as you wish to stay on the medication. There’s no set structure or specific themes within the product to shape your journey or support you through different stages of your weight loss journey.

Essentially, Numan’s approach is a ‘hit and hope’ strategy. They provide you with the medication and the casual support of a health coach, and hope for the best.

3) Mission-driven or profit-driven?

Second Nature was started in 2013 by our founders, Mike and Chris, who worked in the NHS and realised the scale of the chronic disease problem. Obesity and type 2 diabetes could collapse the NHS in the next few decades.

They realised there had to be a better way to support people and the NHS, and being scientists, they started researching.

Ten years on, Second Nature has been working with the NHS since 2017 and has successfully helped over 150,000 people lose weight and manage their type 2 diabetes.

We’re a mission-driven business. We work in weight loss because we want to help people and support the NHS by making healthy living Second Nature.

Numan, on the other hand, may not have the same outlook on obesity and weight management. They’ve historically focussed on men’s health by selling supplements and pharmaceutical agents and decided to invest in obesity when a new drug came to market.

There’s no apparent connection between Numan and a desire to help people lose weight beyond the opportunity to profit from selling medication. This is evident in their marketing, they’re primarily selling a medication – not a sustainable weight loss solution.

Cost and Trustpilot reviews

  • The total monthly cost of the Second Nature programme, including the GLP-1 medication semaglutide: £229
  • The total monthly cost of the Numan programme, including the GLP-1 medication semaglutide: £179

Take home message

We live in a paradoxical time where we have more options than ever to help us lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, obesity and chronic disease rates worldwide continue to rise.

There’s a lot we don’t know about treating obesity and chronic disease, but we do know there won’t be a global solution for everyone.

Second Nature and Numan are very different. Second Nature’s programme offers a more comprehensive approach to supporting individuals to lose weight whilst on GLP-1 medications.

Whereas Numan’s programme is more of a ‘hit and hope’ approach focused on the medication and hoping it will work for you whilst casually offering the support of a health coach with the odd article if you want it.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t need much support and are happy taking a risk on a company without any data supporting its effectiveness, then Numan could be an option for you.

However, suppose you’d like a more comprehensive programme with over 7 years of clinical data showcasing its effectiveness and daily support from a registered nutritionist. In that case, Second Nature might be the better choice.

At present, Second Nature’s medication-supported programme is only available in the UK.

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