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Can you switch from Saxenda to Wegovy?

Robbie Puddick
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Robbie Puddick

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Last updated February 2024

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You can switch from Saxenda to Wegovy, but they’re not interchangeable, which means they can’t be used simultaneously.

Additionally, if you replaced Saxenda with Wegovy, you’d need to start at the lowest dose of Wegovy and gradually titrate up to the higher doses on Second Nature’s medication weight-loss programme.

For example, if you’re on 3 mg of Saxenda and switched to Wegovy with Second Nature, you’d have to start on the lowest dose of Wegovy, 0.25 mg.

Switch from Saxenda to Wegovy

Having to start at the lowest dose is due to Wegovy’s strict treatment protocol on Second Nature, and our clinical team will only approve new prescriptions for individuals starting at a dose of 2.5 mg.

After being on a higher dose of Saxenda, dropping to the lowest dose of Wegovy may be challenging.

It’s possible your appetite and side effect profile may change during this transition as your body adjusts to the new medication.

Still, with the support and expertise of our registered nutritionists and clinicians, they were able to make this transition safely and effectively.

Research has shown that switching from one type of GLP-1 medication (like Saxenda) to another (like Wegovy) can provide health benefits such as improved blood sugar levels and weight loss.

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Do you lose more weight on Saxenda or Wegovy?

Research suggests that Wegovy is a more effective weight-loss injection than Saxenda. It also appears to be better tolerated with fewer adverse events and side effects.

A randomised controlled trial was conducted in 2022 investigating the impact of semaglutide (Wegovy) and liraglutide (Saxenda) on weight loss in individuals living with obesity.

The results showed that the participants in the semaglutide group lost 15.8% of their body weight compared to 6.4% in the liraglutide group.

So, participants on Wegovy lost nearly 10% more weight on average than those on Saxenda.

Semaglutide was also shown to be more tolerated than liraglutide. 13.5% of participants in the semaglutide group discontinued their treatment due to side effects, compared to 27.6% with liraglutide.

Switching from Saxenda to Wegovy on Second Nature

Second Nature has launched a Wegovy weight-loss programme for people who need the extra help to lose weight that Wegovy and other weight-loss injections can provide.

Generally, we’d recommend trying our weight-loss programme before applying for a weight-loss injection.

Not only is it cheaper (~£33 a month compared to ~£229), it may be more sustainable to focus on habits and behaviours without the medication.

However, if you’ve tried every diet and weight-loss programme under the sun and, despite your best efforts over many years, you still can’t find the solution to maintain your weight loss and lower your cravings. Our Wegovy weight-loss programme may be for you.

Our Wegovy programme offers:

  • Peace of mind that we have over 7 years of experience delivering weight-loss services in the UK and adhere to the highest standards of clinical safety
  • 1-to-1 support from a registered nutritionist or dietitian
  • A guaranteed ongoing prescription for either Wegovy if you’re approved after a consultation with our clinical team
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