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Can you switch from Saxenda to Mounjaro?

Robbie Puddick
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Last updated June 2024

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You can switch from Saxenda to Mounjaro, but they’re not interchangeable, which means they can’t be used simultaneously.

Additionally, if you replaced Saxenda with Mounjaro, you’d need to start at the lowest dose of Mounjaro and gradually titrate up to the higher doses on Second Nature’s medication weight-loss programme.

For example, if you’re on 3 mg of Saxenda and switched to Mounjaro with Second Nature, you’d have to start on the lowest dose of Mounjaro, 2.5 mg.

How to switch from Saxenda to Mounjaro

Having to start at the lowest dose is due to Mounjaro’s strict treatment protocol on Second Nature.

Mounjaro is a new medication in the UK, and our clinical team will only approve prescriptions for individuals starting at a dose of 2.5 mg.

After being on a higher dose of Saxenda, dropping to the lowest dose of Mounjaro may be challenging.

It’s possible your appetite and side effect profile may change during this transition as your body adjusts to the new medication.

Still, with the support and expertise of our registered nutritionists and clinicians, they were able to make this transition safely and effectively.

Research has shown that switching from one type of GLP-1 medication (like Saxenda) to another (like Mounjaro) can provide health benefits such as improved blood sugar levels and weight loss.

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Do you lose more weight on Saxenda or Mounjaro?

Research suggests that Mounjaro leads to around 15% more weight loss than Saxenda.

Studies have shown that Saxenda leads to an average weight loss of 6.4%. Comparatively, Mounjaro leads to a weight loss of up to 25%.

The more significant weight loss we generally see with Mounjaro is likely due to its dual action of mimicking GLP-1 and GIP hormones.

Additionally, research has shown that long-acting GLP-1 weight-loss injections like Mounjaro are more effective than short-acting ones like Saxenda.

Mounjaro’s active ingredient, tirzepatide, maintains a higher level in the body over a sustained period, so it’s only injected once a week.

Saxenda, in comparison, is injected daily, and its levels are more likely to rise and fall in the body.

Switching from Saxenda to Mounjaro on Second Nature

Weight-loss injections are designed as additional tools for weight management interventions and shouldn’t be considered lifelong medications.

Instead, they should be used to help you kickstart your weight loss and healthy journey while you commit to living a healthier lifestyle.

Consider the use of antidepressants for people living with depression. They’re not designed to cure the condition. Instead, they’re designed to allow room for therapy to treat the condition’s underlying cause.

Mounjaro, and other weight loss injections, like Ozempic and Wegovy, are similar. They can allow you to make lifestyle changes to support long-term weight loss maintenance.

Mounjaro can help silence food-related thoughts and also give you a boost of confidence with more immediate weight-loss results.

This helps to buy you the time and headspace to understand why your body may have struggled to lose weight previously, and to build new long-term healthy habits.

The core focus of our medication programmes is to calm down the feeling of food noise, lower your cravings, and allow you to build healthier habits to keep the weight off for good.

The ultimate goal is to make losing weight feel second nature.

Second Nature’s medication-supported programmes

Second Nature has two medication-supported programmes: a Wegovy weight-loss programme and a Mounjaro weight-loss programme.

If you’ve made the decision to switch from Wegovy to Mounjaro (assuming you’re eligible), why should you choose Second Nature over other medication providers?

For peace of mind.

Second Nature has worked with the NHS for over 6 years providing weight-loss programmes across the UK.

Whilst our Wegovy and Mounjaro weight-loss programmes are private and not currently used by the NHS, we’ve built the programmes with a focus on scientific evidence, patient safety, and data security.

We hope that our 6+ years of working with the NHS and building a track record of effective weight-loss results will give you peace of mind to give us a try.

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