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What is the most successful weight-loss programme in the UK?

Robbie Puddick
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Robbie Puddick

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Last updated June 2024

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According to data published in the British Medical Journal, Second Nature is the most successful weight-loss programme in the UK.

The data presented in the study is from real-world weight-loss outcomes of people referred to the NHS’ National Diabetes Prevention Programme and features five weight-loss programmes in the UK.

Of the five, Second Nature’s weight-loss outcomes were more than double that of the other providers. Second Nature supported an average weight loss of over 6kg, whilst the other providers averaged between 2.4 and 2.7kg.

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Why is Second Nature’s programme the best for weight loss in the UK?

There are many components to Second Nature’s programme which make it effective, but to sum it up in one sentence: Second Nature helps you find your off switch.

Weight loss is incredibly challenging, and there are many reasons why we might struggle to eat less and lose weight. This might be time, stress, trauma, emotional eating, loneliness, or a lack of knowledge about a healthy diet.

Whatever the reasons are, Second Nature gets to the root of your overeating by combining nutrition and psychology so you can eat healthy, delicious food and lose weight while developing a deeper understanding of your emotions and how they influence your behaviour.

Second Nature’s approach to nutrition also helps you find your off switch by recommending you avoid ultra-processed low-fat foods that leave you feeling hungry, bored, and deprived.

Our indulgent and delicious recipes will help you lose weight for good.

What’s included with Second Nature’s weight-loss programme?

Starting from £33 a month for a 12-month subscription, you get:

  • Access to a registered nutritionist or dietitian five days a week
  • Peace of mind that we’re trusted by the NHS and the best weight-loss programme in the UK
  • Access to over 400 recipes designed by dietitians to help you lose weight and feel fuller for longer (no more low-fat spreads!)
  • An evidence-based approach to weight loss that doesn’t involve counting calories, points, or syns. It’s just real food with a compassionate approach to sustainable change.
  • Much, much, more

Second Nature has also launched a Wegovy-supported programme that combines our award-winning programme with the weekly weight-loss injection Wegovy.

Our Wegovy-supported programme starts at £229 a month for three months before rising to £299 at the higher doses of the medication.

Generally, we’d recommend trying our weight-loss programme without medication first.

It’s not only much cheaper, but many people feel more comfortable attempting to lose weight without medication.

Our Wegovy-supported programme is designed for people who’ve struggled with weight loss for many years and need extra support to kickstart their journey.

If you want to check your eligibility for our programme and see which is right, click the button below to complete your health quiz.

We’ll use the answers in your quiz to determine which programme we’d recommend.

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