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Nando’s Healthy Options

Going to Nando's and want to stick to your healthy eating plan? Choose from these healthier options, selected by our registered nutritionists.

Frozen Yoghurt Bark

It tastes as good as it looks. This recipe is a big hit with kids and is a refreshing, naturally sweet ice cream alternative!
Myth Busting

Finding Time to Exercise

Not enough time to exercise? Every minute counts! Busting the myth that exercise is only effective if it's done for long periods of time.

The Healthiest Pizza Express Menu Options

Going to Pizza Express? Our registered nutritionists have gone through the Pizza Express nutritional information and selected the healthiest options.
Weight Loss Programmes

Noom® vs Slimming World®

From support features to pricing, everything you need to know to choose between Slimming World® and Noom®, with comparisons to the Second Nature programme.
Habit Change

Are You Scared of Losing Weight?

Could you be scared to lose weight? How a fear of success, and the changes that come with it, might be holding you back on your health journey.
Social Situations

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Tops tips to stop you falling off the wagon while on holiday, plus how to ease back into a healthy routine after the break.
Weight Loss Programmes

Noom® vs Second Nature

Choosing between Noom® and Second Nature? From pricing to programme features, we have compared every detail of the two online weight loss programmes for you.
Weight Loss Programmes

Slimming World® vs Joe Wicks

Choosing between Slimming World® and Joe Wicks 90 day plan? We have compared every aspect of the programmes to make your life easier.
Weight Loss Programmes

Noom® vs Weight Watchers®

From pricing to programme features, an indepth comparison of Weight Watchers® and Noom, an app-based weight loss programme.

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