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Coping Strategies: Techniques to Keep Us Balanced

Sometimes it's difficult to cope. We've suggested five evidence-based strategies that can be practised to help you re-balance and stay calm and positive.
Social Situations

Working From Home: The Ultimate Guide

Are you working from home a lot recently? Learn how to prepare our environment, stick to a routine, and protect our wellbeing while working from home.

Easy Food Swaps

Missing the ingredients you need? Want to use up what you already have? Learn how to make simple food swaps, complete with recipe examples and top tips.
Fish and seafood

Thai fish cakes

Weight Loss Programmes

The MEDIWEIGHT™ Programme

Are you deciding whether to join the MEDIWEIGHT programme? We have done the research for you, complete with price comparisons and programme features.

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

How to eat healthy for less. Learn how Sara saved money on her food bill each week, while buying healthy foods and cooking satisfying, balanced meals.
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How to Enjoy a Healthy Pancake Day

Worried about falling off the wagon on Pancake Day? Learn how to celerbate while enjoying lower sugar alternatives, complete with recipes and top tips.

Is Salt Bad for You?

Guidelines recommend limiting salt intake, as they suggest too much salt leads to heart disease. But what does the science say? Is salt itself unhealthy?

Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad for You?

What does the science say about artificial sweeteners? Are they safe to consume? Do they aid weight loss? Explore the latest evidence.

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