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Thousands of people have changed their lives with Second Nature. Check out their stories.


Lorraine: “For the first time, I am eating without guilt”

After spending years depriving herself, Lorraine no longer feels she is on a diet, and has built a much more positive mindset and relationship with food.

Anita: “The biggest change I have noticed is my relationship with food”

Anita joined the programme to help her adapt her mindset. She now has a positive relationship with food and is able to enjoy all the activities she loves!

Abby: “Small steps now, massive changes forever”

Abby has proven to herself that with the right information and guidance, she can reach her goals without depriving herself of the foods she enjoys.

Zeenat: “My confidence in myself is coming back”

Zeenat first joined SN in 2020, however it wasn't quite the right time for her. A year later, she re-joined the programme, ready to make a lifestyle change.

Kate: “Second Nature is a wonderfully holistic approach, and it works!”

After experiencing challenges with her mobility, Kate found it difficult to maintain her weight. She's since joined the SN programme and hasn't looked back! 

Second Nature Stories: an interview with Derek

Derek joined Second Nature in January 2021 with high blood-sugar levels. Nine months later, he can't believe the difference he has made to his life!

Jo: “I have grown younger thanks to Second Nature”

After years of fad diets, Jo was relieved to find an approach backed by science. 4 months later, she's lost 14lbs and is feeling younger than ever!

Linda: “I have had endless support and advice”

Since joining the programme, Linda has lost 2 and a half stone and is now able to enjoy the foods she loves without feeling guilty.

Joanna: “I feel so much healthier, confident and in control of my health”

After joining the programme, Joanna has managed to find a balance that has enabled to her to lose weight, gain confidence and take control of her health.

Ruth: “I feel better equipped to make healthy food choices”

After years of following fad diets, Ruth noticed a positive shift in her mindset and relationship with food after following the Second Nature programme.
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