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Jo: “I have grown younger thanks to Second Nature”

After years of fad diets, Jo was relieved to find an approach backed by science. 4 months later, she's lost 14lbs and is feeling younger than ever!

Jo: “I have grown younger thanks to Second Nature”

After years of calorie counting and following fad diets, Jo was relieved to find a programme that is backed by science and takes a holistic approach to weight loss.

Over the past 4 months, Jo has not only achieved her weight loss goals but has created lasting healthy lifestyle changes. She has found a new love of activity, developed a healthier relationship with food, and is feeling younger than ever!

A little about you

My name is Jo, and I have recently completed the core programme with Second Nature followed by the follow-on exercise course. In this time, I have not only lost 14lbs, but have developed new and lasting habits in healthy eating, sleep, and exercise that have changed my life around.

I am someone who enjoys good food. Since retirement, I’ve been keeping an allotment with my husband where we grow much of our own fruit and vegetables. We considered ourselves fairly healthy eaters, but over the past decade, our spare tires and apple bellies were telling a different story!

After a couple of falls earlier this year I was comfort eating while my body tried to heal, and the scales reached an all-time high. It was then I discovered Second Nature.

“There is nothing ‘faddy’ about this programme”

I have tried several weight-loss diets over the years. All based on meticulous calorie counting and all leading to a backward slide following some initial success. So it’s wonderful to have found a programme that takes the longer view and sets us up for life. One that has a holistic approach founded in scientific research along with the input of dietitians and nutritionists.

There is nothing “faddy” about this programme! Just sound advice, a wealth of delicious recipes and all the support and encouragement you need from the health coaches.

“I quickly discovered I could lose weight without counting calories and, most importantly, without feeling hungry!”

Through the programme, I quickly discovered that I could lose weight without counting every calorie and, most importantly, without feeling hungry!

I have learned to focus on other ‘victories’ besides the scales – such as fitting dresses I wore 15 years ago – and to go at my own pace. I also understand the importance of good sleep, reducing stress, and challenging negative thought patterns.

Until recently, walking and weeding were my only exercise. I now enjoy daily ‘exercise snacking’ which is making me stronger and fitter – exercise I previously told myself I was too old or unfit to practice!

To the team at Second Nature…

In effect, I have grown younger. For this, I want to give a special thanks to my health coach, Alex, for his encouragement throughout the programme and for making the path realistic and sustainable. I also wanted to thank my health coach on the exercise course, Faye, for helping to reinforce the exercise/movement element of the programme.

And, last but not least, thank you to all who contributed to producing such a wonderful recipe collection!

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