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Linda: “I have had endless support and advice”

Since joining the programme, Linda has lost 2 and a half stone and is now able to enjoy the foods she loves without feeling guilty.

Linda: “I have had endless support and advice”

In October 2019, Linda was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and was advised to join the Second Nature programme. Right from the beginning, Linda received support and advice that enabled her to lose 2 and a half stone. She has found it easy to stick to her new healthy lifestyle and is now able to enjoy the foods she loves without feeling guilty.

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A little about you

In October 2019, before the pandemic took over our lives, I went to have my Well Woman health check at my GP surgery.

All my test results were perfectly normal except for my blood sugar levels, which were higher than they should have been. As such, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I thought to myself, “oh my goodness, that is not at all welcome!” So I took the nurse’s advice and started on the Second Nature programme.

“Since starting SN, I have had endless support and advice”

Right from the very beginning, I have had endless support and advice from all the team at Second Nature.

I have never looked back and, in almost two years, I have lost 2 and a half stone and I am now wearing size 8 clothes instead of size 14. What’s more, I am still sticking to it just as I did at the beginning!

I have found the handbook and the recipe books to be of such help all the way through. In fact, I have encouraged a few people that I know to do this! If I do ever have a treat or a meal out then I will plan all my meals before and afterwards, so that I can do so and enjoy it.

What would your advice be to someone starting the programme?

My advice is this: If you are ever advised to, or you choose to go on to the Second Nature program, stick with it. Yes, you CAN have treats but just be very mindful of how much and how often, and never feel guilty!

Good Luck everyone!

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