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Kate: “Second Nature is a wonderfully holistic approach, and it works!”

After experiencing challenges with her mobility, Kate found it difficult to maintain her weight. She's since joined the SN programme and hasn't looked back! 

Kate: “Second Nature is a wonderfully holistic approach, and it works!”

After experiencing challenges with her mobility, Kate found it increasingly difficult to maintain her weight during lockdown. Being diagnosed with pre-diabetes prompted her to make a change. Kate decided to join the Second Nature programme and hasn’t looked back!  

A little about you

Hello, my name is Kate and I live and work in the northwest of England. I’m 66 and am married with three daughters in their 20s and 30s. I work full time at a university, although most of what I do is from home. We have a dog and a cat and we like food!

When I was younger, I was stick insect thin but since having children my weight has been increasingly difficult to manage. Over the years I have tried one or two weight loss programmes but eventually I experienced burnout, hating to count calories.

Getting started on the programme

A couple of years ago I had a knee replacement operation which didn’t go so well. Despite lots of physiotherapy, I don’t have the mobility I had before the operation and that, along with lockdowns, has contributed to major weight gain. Recently, some tests I had for a completely separate problem showed that I am pre-diabetic.

This was the wake-up call I needed! I made an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss the implications. In the meantime, I remembered seeing an advert on Facebook for Second Nature. I was very anxious to start to address the problem as soon as I could, so I did a bit of research and decided to sign up immediately.

A week later I was in the Monday group and off the starting blocks! I also booked a one-to-one call with Hannah, my health coach, in which we discussed my personal circumstances. Hannah was very helpful and knowledgeable and I felt that I would be in safe hands.

“My husband and I have established long-lasting changes”

At first, there was a lot to take in but, over the weeks, most of the programme has fallen into place. From the start, I used the recipes and meal planner tool and I soon worked out my own routine. With my husband’s support and practical help, we have established some long-lasting changes. He is gluten and alcohol-free so we have found a middle way to incorporate both our needs. We cook from scratch every evening. I now drink two litres of water every day – I used to drink only tea!

I count my steps and I must admit to enjoying the friendly competition of being near the top of the steps leaderboard from time to time. It helps with my motivation and, because everyone’s details are kept confidential, it’s very safe.

The articles are also excellent – they are well written, enabling those like me who are not very knowledgeable about science to understand and make good choices as a result of having the information. At the same time, they are far from patronising, they have the right balance.

“I am losing weight in a sustainable and steady way”

The result is that I am losing weight in a sustainable and steady way. In 5 weeks I have lost 4.5kgs, my clothes are fitting better and my sleep has certainly improved. I feel motivated to go out for longer and hillier walks with the dog. And I rarely feel hungry!

I have just ordered the two new recipe books as they are the core of what helps me. My health coach, Hannah, is also so good at encouraging me while being non-judgemental and flexible.

The flexibility and support offered by Second Nature is key

I think the team – whose knowledge and expertise cover all aspects of this lifestyle change programme – are terrific. It’s a wonderfully holistic approach and it works! I think there’s so much in the app and it’s so flexible that it’s really possible to feel individually and collectively supported.

Even when I have achieved my weight loss goal, I will continue with the changes I have made!

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Make losing weight feel Second Nature

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