Joanna: “I feel so much healthier, confident and in control of my health”

After spending 12 weeks on the Second Nature programme, Joanna wanted to let us know what a positive impact it has had on her health and wellbeing.

As a busy mum and business owner, Joanna found that taking care of herself had always been low on her agenda. After joining the programme on the recommendation of a friend, Joanna has managed to find a balance that has enabled her to lose weight, gain confidence and take control of her health.

“The programme has been an amazing personal journey for me”

It’s my final day of my 12-week Second Nature Programme. I am 5.5 kg lighter, feel so much healthier and want to share my story in the hope of inspiring others!

The last 12 weeks have been an amazing personal journey for me. Hitting the big 50 next year is on my mind and I want to ensure I start my 5th decade healthier than ever and brimming with energy.

As a business owner, mum and CEO of my household (note sarcasm!), my life is always manic. Constantly multi-tasking, a long daily to-do list and regular swerve balls being thrown in. Taking care of myself has always been low on my agenda, having to focus on family and business.

“Second Nature looked like a realistic and achievable opportunity”

Over the last decade, I have piled on a whooping 20kg. Earlier this year, I found myself feeling overweight, uncomfortable, bloated and miserable. It was time to take drastic action to turn my situation around. My friend had recommended the Second Nature Programme to me. I had tried other programmes before but never really succeeded or enjoyed them. Second Nature looked like a realistic and achievable opportunity.

I got myself booked on and enjoyed it from day one. The articles are a great help, easy to read and informative. I like the way the weeks are focused on topics – nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindset. I realise now that a healthy lifestyle is more than just nutrition. It is a balance of exercise, sleep, eating well and taking care of my mental health.

As a dedicated foodie, I love food. I have learnt over the last 12 weeks how to eat well, eating a balanced diet. The Second Nature recipe app and recipe book are great for finding delicious meal options. The recipes are also simple to cook so fit in well with my busy lifestyle.

“This fantastic programme has helped me to prioritise my mental and physical well-being”

I really enjoyed being part of a group. My health coach, Tom, has been very supportive. He shares a lot of helpful information and is always there to offer advice and encouragement. I really enjoyed chatting to others within the group as well, sharing our experiences and tips.

I have shed pounds, dropped a dress size and feel less bloated. This fantastic programme has helped me to prioritise my mental and physical well-being. I have realised that I can eat well, enjoy nice food, but also have some treats in a controlled way.

Second Nature is a fantastic programme for anyone looking to develop a healthy lifestyle. Understanding how to positively nourish our bodies, sleep better, exercise daily and take care of our mental well-being. I feel so much healthier, confident and in control of my health. It is good to know that I can re-join in the future if I fall into bad habits.

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