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Thousands of people have changed their lives with Second Nature. Check out their stories.


Jacqui: “I’m sleeping better than I have in years”

Jacqui wanted to try a different approach to weight loss and after 7 weeks with Second Nature she's lost weight and is sleeping better than ever!

Jayne: ”I now feel more invigorated and ready to meet each day head on!”

After her pre-diabetes diagnosis, Jayne has lost over three and a half stones in weight (over 22kgs!), is no longer pre-diabetic, and has reduced her blood pressure medication by half.

Amanda: “I have found a new love for cooking!”

Amanda joined SN in a last-ditch attempt to achieve her weight-loss goals. The changes she's made are sustainable and easily fit in her busy family life.

Ian: “I feel so much better and am ready to take the day on!”

After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Ian was advised to join SN. 6 months later, he's lost almost 3 stone & reduced his HbA1c to below his target level!

Anna: “The programme has been life-changing”

Anna's busy lifestyle started taking a toll on her health, a change was needed. One year on & she's in the healthy BMI range for the first time in her life!

Gillian: “My outlook on the future is positive and optimistic”

After retiring from the NHS, Gillian wanted to focus on her health & stop yo-yo dieting for good. She's since lost over 30lbs & feels healthier and happier!

Ros: “Thank you for saving my life”

After a routine check-up with her GP, Ros was shocked to hear that she was pre-diabetic. She was referred to Second Nature and hasn't looked back!

Vik: “The second time’s the charm”

Vik was successful on the Second Nature, reaching her target weight in early 2020. After the challenges of lockdown and a hip replacement, Vik has found success again!

Darren: “I am calmer, nearly 2 stone lighter”

Darren's annual health check had been deteriorating year on year, and it was the gift of Second Nature from his sister that has turned his life around!

Jo: “Food no longer controls me. I no longer hate it, I love it!”

Jo had given up all hope. Then, after finding Second Nature, she has gone on to lose 6 stone, find her love of food, & start enjoying her life again!
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