Ian: “I feel so much better and am ready to take the day on!”


After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Ian was advised to join Second Nature by his diabetes nurse. Since joining the programme, Ian has made significant changes to his lifestyle. He is now sleeping better, has more energy, and is walking between 5-11 miles each day! He has lost almost 3 stone and reduced his HbA1c level to below his target level.

A bit about you

My name is Ian and I would like to share my thoughts about Second Nature. A year ago, I was 17 stone and was happily eating and drinking like it was going out of fashion, even though I had a stroke in 2018. I suffer from high blood pressure and have blood tests twice a year. Last year, my blood sugar level was 47, which is classed as pre-diabetes. As a result, the nurse at my GP practice suggested I try Second Nature.

Education and support key to success

I joined not expecting much from the group – wow, how wrong was I? Due to the support of my group and health coach, Stacey, the informative daily articles, and healthy recipes, I’ve made big changes and fantastic gains.

Before starting the programme, I would drink between 2 – 3 pints of strong ale or cider every day and eat lots of curries, kebabs, chips, and takeaways. Basically, if it was bad for me, I ate it or drank it. I also wasn’t getting much exercise as, to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered.

I started Second Nature in October 2020. Through reading the daily articles and talking to my health coach, I felt encouraged to make changes to my diet and lifestyle. I stopped drinking for the first 3 weeks of the programme and reduced the amount of bread, potatoes and chips I included with my meals. This was replaced with lots of colourful veg as well as fresh fruit and nuts for snacks.

“The changes I’ve made have become Second Nature”

I started to sleep better within days of the changes and, as a result, I feel so much better and ready to take the day on! I have more energy and now walk between 5 miles (on a quiet day) to as far as 11 miles!

My weight is down to 14st 2lbs, my HbA1c level has reduced to 38, and I no longer crave the fatty, sugary foods and drinks I was hooked on before I started this journey. On the odd occasion I’ve faltered, Stacey or one of her colleagues, have been there with advice and encouragement.

I’m now 6 months in and I think the changes I’ve made have become Second Nature. My thanks and gratitude to all of the team.

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