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Jayne: ”I now feel more invigorated and ready to meet each day head on!”

After her pre-diabetes diagnosis, Jayne has lost over three and a half stones in weight (over 22kgs!), is no longer pre-diabetic, and has reduced her blood pressure medication by half.

Jayne: ”I now feel more invigorated and ready to meet each day head on!”

After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Jayne was referred to Second Nature by her GP. During her time on the programme, Jayne has gained confidence in her ability to break unwanted habits, and create new, healthy habits! She has lost over three and a half stones in weight (over 22kgs!), is no longer pre-diabetic, and has reduced her blood pressure medication by half.

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A bit about you

My name is Jayne, I’m 62 years old and married to Neil. We are both retired and live in Staffordshire on the outskirts of the beautiful area of Cannock Chase. I’m a keen reader, I enjoy travelling and, prior to significant weight gain and arthritic knees, an enthusiastic walker.

I was referred to Second Nature by my GP after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I’d gradually gained weight over many years, mainly due to a varied working background that incorporated unsociable hours, an erratic working pattern, and irregular breaks. These jobs led to unhealthy snacking at inappropriate times instead of healthy planned meals. Unfortunately, this continued since I retired as I had very little self-control when it came to eating and drinking healthily. I am fortunate in that I’ve never had any problems with stress related issues, and have always slept well.

“The biggest difference has been discovering I do have willpower and self-belief!”

The biggest difference I’ve noticed since starting the SN programme has been discovering that I do have willpower and self-belief! The programme has given me the tools to break old, unhealthy habits and form new healthier ones. The support, guidance, and encouragement of my coach, Rebecca, along with the factual education tutorials, has enabled me to lose over three and a half stones in weight, revert back from being pre-diabetic, and reduce my blood pressure medication by half!

I now have much more energy and have begun more challenging walks. My knees aren’t as painful due to my weight loss and I’ve regained my enthusiasm for exercise. I hadn’t realised how lethargic I’d become mentally, and now feel more invigorated and ready to meet each day head on! I also feel I can lead a more fulfilling and rewarding retirement due to the changes I have made through following the Second Nature programme.

Understanding the science and having peer support is key to success

I haven’t ever been part of a lifestyle change programme in the past but have attended Weight Watchers on two occasions. On both occasions, I lost over two stones in weight but regained the weight quite quickly once I stopped attending the meetings.

With Second Nature, the science behind weight loss and lifestyle change is explained in a way that is easy to follow. This helped me enormously, as understanding how my body works has helped me with my journey. Although I don’t suffer with stress, anxiety and sleeplessness, I’ve picked up many invaluable tips around these areas which have added to my overall improvement in health and well being. The assistance of my accessible health coach and peer support from my group is another huge asset in the Second Nature journey, which many other programmes don’t offer.

Message to the Second Nature team

Firstly, carry on the good work! Throughout my journey to date I have felt part of a team due to the encouragement I’ve received. I like that the programme is constantly being improved and not standing still. The webinars are very informative and I love the new recipes. The fact that Second Nature is web based has meant that, when so many things have been closed down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I have still been able to achieve life-changing results.

A final word of advice…

My advice to fellow members who are struggling is to stick with it, because this programme really does work. I have had weeks when my weight loss has been minimal or non-existent but I’ve kept the faith and got back on track. I have made huge improvements in my health and wellbeing since joining and now have the tools to continue my journey.

For people looking to make a positive lifestyle change, just sign up and do it. If I can achieve the improvements I’ve made, then anyone can.

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