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Amanda: “I have found a new love for cooking!”

Amanda joined SN in a last-ditch attempt to achieve her weight-loss goals. The changes she's made are sustainable and easily fit in her busy family life.

Amanda: “I have found a new love for cooking!”

Amanda joined the programme in a last-ditch attempt to achieve her weight loss goals. Almost immediately, she knew the programme would work for her and felt empowered in making healthy lifestyle changes.

Despite being post-menopausal and having hypothyroidism, she has consistently lost weight throughout the programme. She’s also noticed improvements in her sleep and has found a new love of cooking! She feels the healthy changes she has made are realistic and sustainable for her in the long term and easily fit into her busy family life.

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A bit about you

My name is Amanda. I’m 53 years old, have two grown-up children, and live with my husband. I have a busy lifestyle, working full time and pursuing hobbies such as home baking, dog walking, carriage driving and – if I finally get the time – I love to settle down with a good book.

I originally signed up for the Second Nature programme in a last-ditch attempt to lose weight. I’m post-menopausal and have hypothyroidism. I’ve tried many diets in the past and failed.

During the first lockdown of 2020, I completed the Couch to 5k running programme. However, my weight continued to spiral upwards and I was worried about my joints, heart and overall wellbeing. My GP advised that it’s simple maths – calories in vs calories out. Not happy with this, I took action and here I am.

“The programme is very achievable and easily fits into family life”

Almost straight away, I felt the programme would work for me. I felt empowered, like I was doing something that would really be of benefit.

I’ve had consistent weight loss throughout the programme (I can’t bring myself to call it a diet, because it doesn’t feel like one). My sleep quality has improved, my relationship with food has improved and I feel like I’ll be able to maintain the Second Nature principles long term. I’ve also found a new love for cooking – I’ve always baked but had stopped cooking as the children and husband got fussy about trying new things.

Compared to other lifestyle change and weight loss programmes, the Second Nature programme is very achievable and easily fits into family life. I cook the recipes for myself and just add carbs for my hubby and other family members.

If I was to describe Second Nature as a famous person, I would say David Attenborough. They are both factual, consistent, caring, and calm.

My advice to others looking to make a lifestyle change

Go for it! Don’t sabotage yourself with negative thoughts before starting. Follow the plan and make use of the health coach and group, they’re supportive and will get you through the more difficult periods.

It’s not a hard or difficult plan to follow, but you do need to want to do it – “the magic comes from within”.

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