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Darren: “I am calmer, nearly 2 stone lighter”

Darren's annual health check had been deteriorating year on year, and it was the gift of Second Nature from his sister that has turned his life around!

Darren: “I am calmer, nearly 2 stone lighter”

Darren’s annual health check had been deteriorating year on year and he had high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol. Darren knew he had to change something, and it was the gift of Second Nature from his sister that has turned his life around!

A bit about you

My name is Darren, and I’m 55 years old. I’ve tried various diets and fads for years after slowly piling on the pounds. A lot of it was emotional eating from losing people who I loved and cared about including my parents and best friend.

Despite being overweight, I was still very active and had a physical job while also running in my spare time. Over the years, my lifestyle took its toll and I ended up with arthritis in my left hip and pains all over my body, to the point where my mobility was suffering. On top of all this, my annual health checks were getting worse and I was given an ultimatum before the first lockdown.

I had pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and had become classified as just in the obese zone [for BMI]. I was nearly 16 stone and these risk factors put me in the danger category for a heart attack and stroke.

When I told my sister, she was very upset and offered to buy me a subscription to Second Nature for my birthday. I accepted and am extremely grateful.

“I am calmer, nearly 2 stone lighter”

Since starting the programme, I am calmer, nearly 2 stones lighter, and my attitude to ultra-processed and junk food has totally changed. I actually crave vegetables and don’t have any sugar at all, apart from 2 types of fruit a day. Food is no longer an emotional fallback for me.

The programme encouraged me to cook meals from scratch – how we used to eat before convenience and ultra-processed foods completely took over everything, including commercials on the TV. While I’ve tried other weight loss programmes in the past (including Slimming World), I’ve lost far more weight on Second Nature and feel these changes are sustainable for me.

The digital scales and support from my health coach, Deepa, helped tremendously. As did the steps leaderboard and daily articles. In fact, let me say I found all aspects of the programme and app helpful, I like all of it!

If you were to describe Second Nature as a famous person, who would it be and why?

It would have to be someone who inspired me to make changes to the way I eat and encourage me to do things differently. A good person. Being a vegetarian, I’d maybe say Linda McCartney for making vegetarian food appealing!

My advice to others considering starting the programme or looking to make a positive change 

Do it because it will totally change your attitude towards eating and cooking. The programme also covers many other health issues in the topics and articles. Armed with all this, you will not only lose weight but become healthier. You can actually change your perception of negative situations because these are covered in the programme too. It’s not just a food and diet programme, it’s a whole lifestyle programme.

If you could give a message to the team at Second Nature what would you like to say?

I’d like to say a big thank you to Deepa and all of the team at Second Nature for giving me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to live a healthier life while turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

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