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Vee: “The weight came off, my mindset changed”

Vee wanted a sustainable plan, not a crash diet, and after 4 months on the programme, she's lost weight and has noticed her mindset shift! 

Vee: “The weight came off, my mindset changed”

Vee had noticed that over the past few years her weight had started to creep up, and after reviewing the NHS guidelines on her ideal waist size and weight for her height, she decided it was time to make a change. Vee wanted a sustainable plan, not a crash diet, and after 4 months on the programme, she’s lost weight and has noticed her mindset shift! 

A bit about you

My name is Vee, I’m a Mama of 7, a Nanna, a Wife & a Midwife. I’m a bit of a bibliophile & collect/read books at every opportunity. I’m a tea drinker, a birth activist & a moon muser! I’ve been on the Second Nature programme for 4 months.

I wanted to find an eating plan that was sustainable, that would help me lose weight & that I could incorporate into my life for the long term. My waist measurement had expanded over the years & I knew it had to come down! One of my biggest goals was to get my waist measurement to under 32” as advised by the NHS…I can now happily say it’s 31”.

Weight loss without restriction

I met my initial weight loss goal pretty quickly after starting the programme, but I met it without missing out. The SN recipes are amazing, really tasty & filling. The weight came off, my mindset changed for the better & most importantly I was supported 100% by my health coach & group!

I feel better! I look better, I know the right foods to eat & what to drink. I’ve been educated in a way that makes so much sense. The choices I now make are positive ones. Previously I struggled with food choices, I had the attitude of ‘oh I’ll start tomorrow’ but we all know tomorrow never comes!

Since being on SN, the choices I make are so much better, eating out isn’t a problem as SN has taught me how to plan ahead, & which foods fit into the plan. Most of my meals are made fresh using the SN recipes & every meal I’ve made has been super tasty & filling. I feel my mindset has improved immensely & I can now nourish my body & reap the benefits from doing so.

“This isn’t a quick fix”

SN is sustainable! This isn’t a quick fix, that ends once you meet your target. You are supported all the way through, you’re educated in many areas including, exercise, nutrition, mindset, habits. It really is a wonderful place to be & most importantly your doing it with a group of like-minded people alongside health coaches, nutritionists, dietitians aka miracle workers!

If you were to describe Second Nature as a famous person, who would it be and why?

If I had to describe SN as a person it would be, Sir David Attenborough. He’s a man that embodies everything that’s good in the world, he educates people, he teaches us how we should live, how to make the best choices, he inspires people, he’s an institution his own right & he does all of this without judgement!

Is there any advice you’d offer to others looking to make a change?

Start this programme! Sign up, register your details, this will be the first day of the rest of your lives. You have nothing to lose, except weight, negativity, bad habits and all those things that used to hold you back. Grab this opportunity with both hands and find yourself again!

And to the team at Second Nature, please keep doing what you’re doing, please continue to spread your programme far & wide, people need you & may not know where to find you. This programme is a literal life changer…I will be forever grateful to SN (oh there’s one of my daily gratitudes for the day 😃)…

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