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Toni: “With Second Nature, there is no wagon!”

Toni joined Second Nature in the summer of 2018. Toni has now lost over 7 stone, is sleeping better and is no longer living with diabetes!

Toni: “With Second Nature, there is no wagon!”

Toni joined Second Nature in the summer of 2018, suffering from sleep apnoea, type-2 diabetes and hypertension, she was looking for a solution. Toni has now lost over 7 stone, is no longer living with diabetes, is sleeping better, and has found the relationship with food she was searching for.

A bit about me

I’ve had weight issues for much of my adult life, maxing out early 2018 at size 22, 20+ stone and diabetes. It was diabetes that frightened me. I already had sleep apnoea, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

So with all this in mind, I went on a diet. I’d already tried and failed with Weight Watchers and Slimming World. I would lose weight for the first three months then get bored with the routine and stop going to the meetings.

I did lose all of my weight with Lighter Life but then when I went back to food, piled it all back on and then some. This time, armed with everything that I knew about dieting, I went solo. Between Jan 2018 and August 2018, I lost two stone; however, it was a daily struggle.

Finding Second Nature

August 2018 I stumbled upon Second Nature, the timing was perfect and the idea ridiculously simple!

With my busy lifestyle, the online support from my health coach and group were invaluable. I used to check in every day, several times a day, but do so less and less, especially since moving on to the Community programmes. My health coach, Kirstie is an absolute gem!

Every evening when I am sat across the table with my cycling crazy husband who also runs around all day for a living, I smile at his food mountain, sitting down all day for a living and not nearly as energetic. I used to eat similar portion sizes and then more!

Now my meal fits in the inner circle of my plate. When we dine out, we no longer have starters, puddings etc, there is no need, the main course is already too big although I can still manage a cheeky red! To this day, I can’t believe how much food I used to be able to put away.

The only way is forward

Fast forward nine months, I’ve lost in the region of 7 and a half stone! There are still some to go but 7 and a half stone! I’m now wearing a loose size 16 and am no longer diabetic, my sleep apnoea has improved considerably, and I am trialling coming off of my cholesterol meds.

Amazingly, during this time frame, I have been on holiday, weekends away, meals out, out for drinks with the girls, you know, carried on living. When dieting, everyone ‘falls off the wagon’ and suffers guilt then there is the whole self-loathing and sabotage cycle.

With Second Nature, there is no wagon. Everyone is allowed a treat. It’s when those treats become the norm that we’re in trouble. Second Nature’s daily articles educate us on this and many other things and along with our mentor’s guidance, these to help us change our thought processes little by little.

Is that you Toni?

People who haven’t seen me for a little while do not recognise me at first and ask where the rest of me has gone. I explain about Second Nature and describe to them that it’s not a diet but a re-education.

I then elaborate, “we’re no longer at war, we know where our next meal is coming from, we do not need to carb load unless we are in high energy job roles and exercise like demons”. I then go onto explain the benefits of more substantial veg portions and explain that I eat three meals a day but am never hungry. For me, it’s an absolute revelation, before Second Nature, I was always hungry!

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