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Suzanne: “I no longer feel that food is an enemy”

Suzanne's dedication to caring for her children meant her own health was suffering. 5-months on, she is 4-stone light & has found a new lease of life!

Suzanne: “I no longer feel that food is an enemy”

Having spent years caring for her two children who live with autism, Suzanne’s health started to deteriorate and the weight started to pile on. 5 months down the line and 4 stone lighter, Suzanne tells her remarkable story. 

A bit about you

I am a mum of two children, both with autism. After years of feeling tired and depressed and eating a mainly carb-based diet like my children (who only eat beige foods due to their autism), I had piled on the weight. Then the sudden death of my mum two years ago made my weight rocket even further. I decided it was time to lose weight and do something for me for a change!

A new lease of life

I have been following the programme for 5 months. I am 4 stone lighter than when I started. I notice so many benefits. I look better, I was a size 18 and now I am wearing a size 12. I am the lightest I have been in 15 years. I have so much more energy and enthusiasm to do things, I have enrolled in The Open University and started some volunteer work. I also notice that I no longer feel that food is an enemy my relationship with food is now a healthy one. My health has also improved, both my mental health and physical health. I had a nasty back injury which left me with chronic pain but since losing weight I have not had the pain.

I really enjoy the health coach support and interacting with other Second Nature group members. This really helps on the tricky days – lots of support and encouragement to keep on track. There is so much about the programme I love, however, the best thing for me has been the daily articles and recipes. Both of these really helped me plan out my meals in advance and keep on track.

Any tips for people thinking of joining the programme?

The bad days will still happen from time to time but just put them behind you and get straight back on track. Also, do it for YOU, you deserve to feel so much better about yourself. I have never looked back since starting and never doubt yourself.

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