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Stella: “I’ve found myself in my body again.”

Stella is thrilled to have found an effective programme. She has lost 6kg in the initial 6 weeks and has lost 12kg overall since joining Second Nature.

Stella: “I’ve found myself in my body again.”

Stella* 48, realised her eating habits weren’t leading to the weight loss she wanted and is now thrilled to have found an effective programme that fits into her busy life. She lost 6kg in the initial 6 weeks and has lost 12kg overall since joining the programme.

What led you to join Second Nature?

I was ready for a change as I hadn’t achieved any visible results despite my obsession with eating as little as possible most of the time. After an accident that left me immobile for a while I gained weight and that spiralled as I couldn’t walk as much as I had before the accident.

Had you tried anything else before you signed up to Second Nature?

I lost around 10kg a few years ago with the help of a one-to-one nutritionist who recommended only eating small meals and snacks. But after that I developed the habit of never having proper meals and constantly grazing and I’ve got to admit the kilos crept back on. I was never able to repeat that earlier weight loss on my own.

How did you find Second Nature?

The one-to-one support with a real person (Steph, my health coach) was very reactive and supportive and she checked in with the group regularly. I found the group dynamic a real plus as well – especially the social aspect where you get encouragement and don’t feel like you’re on your own on this lonely path of weight loss.

What did you particularly like about the programme?

It was a combination of elements:

Firstly, the clever technology (the digital scales and app) made it so easy to access a clear picture of my progress – it’s presented visually as a chart so you can just show it on your phone to a friend or family and that gives you a rush of pride and motivation!

Secondly, the programme is quite holistic so it’s not just nutrition advice, but also exercise and addressing rigid thinking patterns around food. The people behind it have clearly done a lot of research into weight loss and have worked hard to communicate the programme in approachable ways.

Last but not least, I really appreciated the way that personal details, like weight and weight loss, were always shown in percentages, not actual numbers, so no-one ever has to make embarrassing disclosures. It was the right level of anonymity too as you don’t have to share your last name or photo if you don’t want to.

What was the biggest change for you?

I’ve shed all my bad eating habits! Now I eat breakfast every day plus two real meals – without guilt.  I eat a lot more veg, in fact I snack on raw crudités instead of cookies – and I manage 10,000 steps a day. Lastly, I find I’m not constantly tempted by cake, biscuits, ice cream and sweet treats like I used to be.

What would your best advice be to someone taking it on?

Be serious and committed, and make sure you take your readings. Don’t do it half-heartedly and if you are genuinely trying, it will work!

How do you feel now?

I have a sense of pride and after all these years I’ve ‘found myself’ in my body again. It’s such a relief to be on a programme which gives me results and is sustainable and good for my health.

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*Name and photo have been anonymised at the user’s request.



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