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Shelly: “You will feel better, both physically and mentally”

Shelly spent years living with IBS and acid reflux, and over time her weight started to climb. Finding Second Nature has turned all of that around!

Shelly: “You will feel better, both physically and mentally”

Shelly had suffered for a few years with IBS and acid reflux, she had also noticed her weight increase over time after developing a sweet tooth through a traditional slimming club! With Second Nature, Shelly has lost over 7kgs and is feeling better both physically and mentally.

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A bit about you

I am 48 years old, menopausal, with IBS and acid reflux. I saw my weight increasing after developing a sweet tooth following a well known slimming group.

During the first week of Reset, I craved sweet things and carbs but by the end of the week these cravings had begun to settle down and I lost 6lb. Steadily throughout the next twelve weeks, the weight came off and I began to feel so much better, less fatigued, and sluggish.

At first, it seems a little difficult to get your head around the way Second Nature works but once it clicks it is easy. Plus you get to eat cheese and full-fat yoghurt which for me is awesome as I am a cheese monster.

Simple changes, big difference

The biggest change I noticed was with my IBS and acid reflux, I have suffered badly with both for years. After cutting out processed food and reducing simple carbohydrates like white bread, for example, the difference is amazing. My IBS is practically non-existent and I very rarely get acid reflux either.

I never had any desire to exercise or meditate but, with a gentle nudge from my health coach, I decided to try meditation with the view of doing it a couple of times a week. I now meditate every day and feel so calm and centred.

After a conversation with my health coach regarding exercise, Stacey suggested a few ideas with no pressure at all. I decided to give the yoga challenge a try as it fits with meditation. I am now on day 8 of the challenge and absolutely love it. I am already beginning to feel the benefits of it and I know I will continue doing both as a lifestyle choice from now on.

Applying mindfulness

I am far more mindful of the choices of food I eat at home and when I am out. I feel Second Nature is the perfect lifestyle choice for me as it is easy to follow and stick to. I no longer have a sweet tooth, I used to crave something sweet after every meal but not any more. If I do get the odd craving I have a glass of water and delay eating, the thought goes away, and I feel good that I didn’t give in to it.

The chat room is a great place to find support with likeminded people of a similar age. Having access to a health coach to ask for advice on food and nutrition is really helpful.

The recipe book has some lovely recipes in, many of which I have tried and love. Especially the muesli, it is really tasty, I make it every couple of weeks.

The daily articles are informative and make you think about things in a way you may not have considered before. Many of them giving good advice, hints and tips and knowledge about food and the way the mind works.

Any advice you would give?

If I was to give myself any advice before starting this journey it would be to stick with the programme and embrace the changes, you will feel so much better mentally and physically.

You will lose the weight, improve your fitness levels, and feel a sense of achievement at having chosen a lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet where you deny yourself all the good stuff.

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