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Rosie: “My transformation has been dramatic”

After an appointment with her GP, Rosie was told that she was 'pre-diabetic'. 6-months along & both her weight & blood sugars are down to healthy levels!

Rosie: “My transformation has been dramatic”

After an appointment with her GP, Rosie was informed that she was ‘pre-diabetic’ and that she would need to lose some weight to get her blood sugars back under control. After having previous negative experiences with calorie-counting, Rosie wanted to try a different approach; 6-months down the line and her weight is back into the healthy range alongside her blood sugar levels!

From calorie counting to making healthy eating Second Nature

I used to think I ate quite well but when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes I had to rethink. I immediately wanted to bring my blood sugar levels down to the normal range and I was determined to lose weight. I started calorie counting and limiting my diet to foods I knew were low in calories. I had done this before but it left me nutrient deficient so when my doctor offered me the opportunity to be on the Second Nature program I accepted without hesitation. I stopped calorie counting and followed the dietary advice immediately.

The biggest change I had to make was cooking all my food from scratch. I thought it would be too much for me to keep up with, but I was determined and it became less of a chore and more of an enjoyable activity. I found organising myself to be essential or I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in. I also found a love of cooking and my children are now helping to cook too.

Daily support coupled with education

I found the support of my health coach (Robbie) to be invaluable. I was able to be honest with how I was coping, and the support I received back really helped me to make sustainable changes.

I looked forward to the daily articles as I enjoy learning. I found the articles on nutrition the most informative as I believed a lot of diet myths, it really was a new way of thinking. I also found the articles really motivating and this helped me to form my new habits. I also liked how they tackle slip-ups and teach you how to cope with them and get back on track after.

The recipes are an essential part of the program and I like how they are so tasty, they’re easy to follow and plan for. I really enjoy not having to count calories, it doesn’t feel restricting and my habits have changed so much that I don’t have to think about them anymore, they are a normal part of me. I also really like how healthy I feel and knowing how to create healthy plates has given me the confidence to choose the right foods. Full-fat foods also taste better!

Getting the running shoes back on

I have taken up running again, something I did in my youth and really enjoyed but then fell out of when I had children and thought I didn’t have the time. I’ve surprised myself with how much I am able to achieve, running faster and further than I have in a long time.

My transformation has been really dramatic. I quickly lost the extra weight I was carrying around and I have maintained a healthy weight for 4 months and counting. I have more energy and feel happier in myself. I believe this is due to the holistic nature of the program, where they explore every area of your health rather than just focusing on diet. My blood sugar levels have also returned to the normal range!

The best piece of advice I can give is to interact with your group and health coach We send a lot of pictures of our food in my group which really encouraged me and gave me ideas for lunch/dinner!

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