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Rosie: “The best thing that has happened to me in over 20 years”

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Rosie consulted with her GP to discuss her next move. After finding Second Nature, her life would never be the same!

Rosie: “The best thing that has happened to me in over 20 years”

After a life-changing accident over 20 years ago, Rosie’s health started to deteriorate. Once an active martial artist and boxer, Rosie then found she could barely walk – and the weight started to pile on. In 2016 she was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and decided that she needed help – her GP suggested Second Nature and her life has completely turned around! Over a stone lighter, and no longer living with type-2 diabetes, Rosie reveals all about her inspiring journey!

A bit about you

I’m nearly 60 years old. Following an accident around 22 years ago, I almost lost a foot. Before then I was a very active, fit and healthy martial artist and boxer. I ran twice a day, 5 days a week. However, after the accident, I could barely walk, gained weight and suffered low moods as my life had changed so significantly.

The weight gain was a huge issue because I’d never had a weight problem in my life. In 2006, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, in 2016 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and by early 2019, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. For me, that was just too many illnesses waiting to take my life. Sounds dramatic but that was how I was feeling.

A life-changing conversation

I spoke to my doctor and told her I had everything to live for and that I needed more help than I was currently getting. My GP spoke with me about this phone app called Second Nature and, I can now say, this was the best thing that has happened to me in over 20 years!

I’ve lost one and a half stone, and am no longer living with type-2 diabetes!

I understand the nutritious value of every food I eat, when to eat, and the amount. I’ve changed the way I cook and am very mindful of every meal I have. I now plan my meals, include breakfast, and ensure that I have enough to take to work for lunch. I do get the odd moments when I fancy something ‘naughty’, however, I never let that go on for more than a couple of days then I go back to basics. This enables me to refocus on my healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is a must. I did not realise just how great walking is. My foot was repaired 7 years after the accident, but it’s not functioning the same. Arthritis had set in so it hurts depending on the weather and how long I’ve been standing/walking. I bought a treadmill years ago but didn’t use it, now I do 10 minutes of walking and when I lost the first half a stone, I was able to run for 10 minutes on it. I mainly walk though. I also follow the exercises on the Second Nature app, they are easy, low impact and manageable for any level.

Using the support and finding your own path

I’d suggest to anyone who thinks they can’t, you can! The support is there all the way. Your health coach and group are very supportive and you never feel alone, even if you’re struggling. Your health coach never judges, but offers support, great tips, and advice. I’d like to do the course all over again!

I’d also like to say, don’t look to compare yourself to others within your group. Everybody is different and we all progress at a different pace on our journey.

Second Nature has worked for me and, believe me, I’ve tried everything over the years. I’m so grateful to my health coach and the Second Nature app for helping me.

You never feel that you’re missing out on anything

It’s a plan you can do for the rest of your life and you never feel that you’re missing out on anything. I go out for dinner with family and friends but I moderate what I drink and eat. When I feel I want to have a ‘blowout’, I consciously do it, but the next day I go right back to my schedule.

Finally, the daily articles you get are fantastic! These articles are where you will be educated about everything you thought you knew about food, your body, and mind. As an NHS referral, when you register, you will receive a set of scales which are connected to the app – they are amazing and are yours to keep. You also get a healthy recipe book and a handbook that explains everything you need to know to get started on the programme.

There you go, give it a try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from Second Nature!

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