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Pieternella: “I can’t praise it highly enough, I’m living proof!”

Pieternella had been overweight from a young age. Having found Second Nature, Pieternella has lost 24lbs, has more energy & now feels in control.

Pieternella: “I can’t praise it highly enough, I’m living proof!”

Pieternella had been overweight since a very young age, even being prescribed a diet by her school doctor at the age of 8! Having found Second Nature, Pieternella has now lost 24lbs, is exercising regularly with ever-increasing energy levels. More importantly, she feels back in control of her health.

A bit about me

I’m 63 and been overweight all my life – I was a ten-pound baby, a hungry child who ate the family’s leftovers until I was put on a diet by the school doctor aged 8, weighing 8 stones! I lost weight and regained even more several times over. I did not understand the effects of sugar and refined carbohydrates on my body and mood, I was always craving more cakes!

As a mother of 4, I enjoyed cooking for the family but ignored any notion of portion control. As a grandmother, I was finding playing with my toddler grandson difficult, and also walking my greyhound had become a painful chore. I knew it was time to change when yet again my waistbands were tight but vowed not to buy larger clothes again.

Finding Second Nature

I had previously seen the Second Nature ad online and filed it away for future use having read it and thought it made a lot of sense. The ad popped up again online, I completed the form and paid before I could change my mind. My scales arrived soon after with the easy to follow handbook and recipe book.

I have been amazed at how easy it’s been to adapt my previous traditional style of cooking, a lot of it is smaller portions for which I bought smaller plates, a lot fewer carbohydrates, and more vegetables and protein.

This is my 8th week and I’ve lost 24lbs, my husband (aged 73) has lost 15lbs. He has impaired mobility so exercise for him is virtually non-existent. I now swim or do water aerobics twice a week.

I finally feel more energetic, understand the adverse effects of a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates, and am in control at last, and not one craving! All of these have elevated my mood giving me a more positive outlook on life. I am my own project and loving it!

I have found the app extremely easy to use so interacting with group members and my health coach has been fun and informative. I particularly enjoy reading the daily articles covering motivation, challenges, distorted thinking, nutrition, exercise, meditation, and mindfulness to name a few.

Second Nature considers the whole package

What I like most about the programme is that it takes account of how a person thinks and feels, as well as food and exercise. I’ve never before found an eating plan that so comprehensively takes into account a full view of the person, including exercise and mental wellbeing.

I would advise anyone who is either on the programme, or thinking about starting it, ‘do it and keep on doing it’. You won’t regret it, and be open to trying new foods, new portion sizes, and a bit of meditation and mindfulness! This programme covers everything! I can’t praise it highly enough – I’m living proof!

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