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Peter: “My wife joined me, and we lost weight together.”

After a GP referral, Peter has gone from a 46inch waist to a 42, reduced his blood sugar level, and his wife has also dropped two dress sizes!

Peter: “My wife joined me, and we lost weight together.”

After being diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and experiencing a bout of cellulitis in both legs, Peter’s mobility was severely inhibited, his weight increased up to 18 stone; he was then diagnosed with pre-diabetes and referred to Second Nature via his GP. Nearly 6 months on, Peter has gone from a 46inch waist to a 42, and his wife, who started following the programme to support her husband, has also benefitted, dropping nearly two dress sizes! 

A bit about me

About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. As this is a symptom of ‘diabetes’, I was tested for the condition regularly with negative results. However, my reduced mobility led to an element of comfort eating, and my weight increased to 18 stone (114.3 kg). Then two years ago, I experienced cellulitis in both legs, which further damaged the lower leg muscles, and my mobility reduced further. Added to this was the discovery that my blood results now showed I was ‘pre-diabetic. My GP suggested that I take part in the digital ‘Second Nature’ programme.

From cynic to optimist

My first reaction was to be a bit cynical that a digital programme could change anything. But I was wrong, and the result has been weight loss and the positive effect on both my feeling of wellbeing and added mobility. So, what has been the secret?

Firstly, you need to be in a positive frame of mind and be motivated to follow the advice on the programme. I found the articles in the 12-week programme essential for understanding my relationship with food. What struck me most was the habit of eating between meals, and the comfort of a bar of chocolate. Also, having a cup of tea mid-evening was always followed with a few too many biscuits.

The programme focused my mind about how sugar is in so much of the food we eat. My wife of 55 years decided to join me in following the programme, and we lost weight together. Another adjustment we made was to control portion sizes, and finally, we both cut out the evening drink and fasted from 7pm – to the following morning at 8am. We also watched our carbohydrate intake and adjusted our menus to include meatless meals.

Early signs were positive

In the beginning, it must be admitted we felt hungry at times. That soon changed, and the weight began to drop off. As it did, the mobility improved to a certain extent, but although 10000 steps per day were not possible, certainly the determination was to do as many as possible. The further result was improved sleep patterns.

Weighing became a focus for achieving, and we enjoyed the results, which further motivated us to continue. Chocolate reared its head several times, but we felt resisting it was a small price to pay for improved health. But sharing the programme certainly helped. The positive side effect now for both of us is the need to look at our wardrobe, as I have gone from a 46-inch waist to 42 (aiming to get to 40 inch), and my wife has gone from size 16 to 14, and well on the way to size 12.

Any wise words?

Someone once said to me, to achieve any target is a mixture of perspiration, inspiration, determination and constipation. Indeed, the first three items were essential to us, and no, we didn’t suffer constipation as long as our fluid intake was adequate. What is essential for us now, is to continue to monitor our weight and sustain what has been achieved. The Second Nature programme certainly is a critical factor in achieving that target.

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