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Paul: “Second Nature revitalised my whole outlook!”

After making the commitment to changing with Second Nature, Paul has lost 20lbs and has seen a big improvement in his mental health.

Paul: “Second Nature revitalised my whole outlook!”

After many previous attempts to improve his health, Paul felt the Second Nature programme was different. He’s now 20lbs lighter, has noticed improvements in his physical and mental health, and feels he is able to commit to his new healthy habits long term.

A new outlook

After trying so many different ways to get healthy, I came across Second Nature and I loved how fresh it looked, how different it was, and I was not disappointed!

Over the last few years, I’d lost my motivation and my positive outlook on health, fitness, and mindfulness; Second Nature revitalised my whole outlook.

What has been the impact?

I now feel healthier, I’ve lost 20lbs in weight, and the improvement in my mental health is the greatest result for me. Having a health coach on hand to ask questions or seek support from was fantastic, and I particularly enjoyed the learning aspect of the daily articles.

Just making the commitment to change can be the most difficult part but I am so happy I did! I’d recommend the programme to anyone wanting a make a healthier, positive change to their lifestyle.

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Make losing weight feel Second Nature

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