Michael: “I am happier within myself”


After celebrating his 60th birthday, Michael found that he no longer liked what he saw in the mirror, his health was declining and he knew something needed to change. With the support of his wife and his family, Michael is now 2 stone lighter, and his blood pressure is back in the normal range!

A bit about you

I turned 60 in October last year, I had high blood pressure and was at risk of developing type-2 diabetes, which also runs in my family. While I was away celebrating my 60th birthday everyone was taking pictures, and there was one picture, in particular, that caught my eye and it changed my whole outlook. I came home and told my wife I didn’t like what I saw anymore, I knew something had to be done.

Utilising the support of family

We looked at various diet plans, and eventually came across Second Nature and I decided to enrol. My wife was committed to helping me on this journey; we planned the meals, we cooked the Second Nature recipes and we were underway.

So far I have lost 2 stone in the 12 weeks on the programme, my blood pressure is now back to normal and hopefully, I won’t find myself living with type-2 diabetes in the future. I now feel happier with what I see in the mirror, I am happier within myself and less tired. I have not been ‘working out’, so to speak, but I have increased my steps, and at work, I use the stairs rather than the lift which has helped tremendously. Sometimes it’s just about incorporating more movement into your day!

Any advice for your peers?

I couldn’t recommend Second Nature highly enough. To anyone in the programme at the moment, or thinking of joining, the planning is the key, and perhaps a strong will and determination to change. You’ll always have an encouraging word from your health coach or the group you’re in, I have even made a new friend who’s travelling the same path with me!

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22 July, 2020

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20 May, 2020

Sent a message a few days ago. Still waiting for a reply thanks.