Lucy: “It truly is a way of life, and a much happier one.”

Lucy: “It truly is a way of life, and a much happier one.”

Years in a high-pressure job in the City of London took a toll on Lucy. Raised in Spain with the Mediterranean diet, her weight slowly crept up as she opted for convenience foods and succumbed to a sedentary lifestyle. Lucy now feels she is leading a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life; but her journey is not over. 

A bit about me

I’m Lucy, a 32-year old Londoner since 2005, part Spanish and I grew up in Barcelona on the Mediterranean diet. In Autumn 2018, I stumbled across Second Nature while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. I had been dieting on and off, trying to lose weight that I put on after my time at university (in London) and starting working. I work in the City of London in a job where I am in the office for a good 50-60 hours a week.

My weight had crept up over many years of sedentary lifestyle and of a diet where my Mediterranean diet had been replaced unconsciously by a diet where I frequently had carbs three times a day as a main meal (cereals for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and maybe pasta for dinner), high on processed foods and sugar. Looking back, I don’t know how I didn’t realise there was anything wrong with my diet!

Several things immediately attracted me to the programme: first, it was connected to the NHS, which gave me a strong sense that it was not a gimmick and that it was something I could trust. Second (and as a “millennial” I have to comment on this!), the fact that it had an app with such an easy to use interface. And third, that the programme provided a group chat with direct access to a qualified nutritionist and health coach.

Challenging beginnings

The first week of the programme was hard – I remember it well as there was a massive McMillan Cancer Support bake sale at work that week, and without the support of my group I do not think I would have made it through! But it is definitely worth it, and you will make it through the first week and into subsequent ones.

If you follow the plan, learn from the daily articles (so insightful and relatable) and share your struggles and successes with your group, you will make it. I no longer have the sugar cravings that I used to and I can get through the afternoon without a second or third coffee (I still have one in the morning, but I build it into my plan and I love it so I feel good for it!).

Second Nature is a journey, not a destination

It has been a journey since I started last autumn. I’ve been on a two-week holiday to America and had Christmas and several birthdays during that time period, and have still managed to lose over a stone, which I am very proud of, and I have kept it off too. Oddly though, I think the most important thing I’ve learned on the programme is to be kind to myself, and that is something that I didn’t expect from it. I feel much better overall – I sleep better, I am more active, and I have been doing daily meditation which has helped in so many ways.

My health coach has been amazing as has the group, where I have shared my pains and gains, as well as my successes and losses and they have shared with me too. I feel stronger and more empowered over what I eat and how I do it – I am much more present in the now than I was before starting the programme. And I know there will always be someone there to help me if I need it, whether it relates to food and weight loss, or to anything else.

A new way of life

My journey hasn’t ended – I am enjoying the Second Nature Community, the new courses and challenges, and I love the sense of being understood by others on the programme. I am human, so I don’t always follow the exact plan rules (I enjoy the occasional almond croissant for breakfast for example!) but I know that it’s about making overall healthy choices and so I allow myself those indulgences with not even a drop of guilt.

Second Nature has exceeded my expectations – in the last ten years I cannot think of a time where I have been for such a long stretch of weight loss without putting it back on, or a time where I have learned so much about myself and ways in which to live a happier, healthier, and longer life. To me, the programme is about so much more than weight loss – it truly is a way of life, and a much happier one, so I can wholeheartedly recommend you go for it!

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Jacqui Birch
21 September, 2021

I would like to see a free trial before I commit

28 September, 2021

Hi Jacqui,

Thanks for your comment and interest in our programme!

We offer a two-week risk-free trial which means you’ll make your first payment upfront, and then have two weeks from your programme start date to cancel for a full refund.

To learn more about our programme, you can take our health quiz here, or email with any questions 🙂

18 September, 2021

I am very curious and would like to give the 5 day a go please before I commit

21 September, 2021

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comment and interest in our programme!

Please email to request our free 5-day plan 🙂 If you’re interested in learning more about our programme in the meantime, you can take our health quiz here.

Jackie Doughty
18 August, 2021

I would like to try your five day trial plan, please. And hope that it may help me to lose a few lbs on the way.
Thanks Jackie

18 August, 2021

Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment and interest in our programme! Please email to request our free 5-day plan 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about our programme, you can take our health quiz here.

Lynn Martin lucraft
24 June, 2021

Could you please send me information please

Janet Ingham
30 May, 2021

I want to start the SN plan but am not a fan of WhatsApp support groups etc. Can I join without having to participate in this aspect?

3 May, 2021

Hi I’d like to try the 5 day plan please – thanks a lot

Sally fox
21 April, 2021

Wish to do on line due to work

Amy Groome
12 May, 2021

Hi Sally, thanks for your interest in Second Nature! The programme is delivered entirely digitally, and is available whenever you like. To find out more and to get signed up, just take our health quiz here 🙂

9 April, 2021

I think Second Nature is identical to Noon. Both work on same premises.
Essentially you need to eat moderately a clean diet. Meaning give up on condensed calorie laden food items. And work out a calorie deficit diet. Get some exercise. That’s what they are selling to you. You don’t need a nutritionist and pay 10 pounds a week to eat healthy and keep active.

Jan Joscelyne
4 April, 2021

Hi i have ME . I am house bound and cant walk would it work for me. Please be honest

Ben Garland
13 May, 2021

Hi Jan,
I have participated in the program and I think it will work wonders for you! The idea is to educate you in all aspects of healthy living, from your diet to exercise and mental wellbeing. There’s no mentality of you can’t eat this and you can’t do that. It’s all about understanding why too much of “x” is bad and explaining all the great options that enable you to enjoy it while remaining healthy.
It’s not just an app telling you what to eat and how to work out.
The great thing is that you are in a small group of new starters along with a “coach” who is there to help guide you through the process. I have very little experience and knowledge about ME but I think having that social aspect may help in overcoming any obstacles, you’re encouraged to be open about any difficties you’re having, the group can then work together to either help find a solution or help keep you motivated through.
Hope this helps, good luck 👍

Ruth B R ufuah
3 April, 2021

I would like to try the free trial plan and take it from there i want to loose a stone and keep it off covid has meant i am at home and eat out of boredom want to get out now lockdown is coming to an end and prepare myself for summer and beyond.

Andrea Rangitaawa
25 March, 2021

Hi Just wanting to know how this works?

Joan Barratt
20 March, 2021

Hi. I would like to try the 5day free plan …… I need a healthy food structure to my day . Thank you.

Amy Groome
19 April, 2021

Hi Joan, thanks for your comment! To get a 5-day plan, please take our health quiz here

Amanda B
21 February, 2021

I would like to try the free plan.
I have been doing Noom for 5 months, lost half stone but put it back on again with stress at work.

I need some easy diet plans.
Thank you.

Amy Groome
19 April, 2021

Hi Amanda, it’s great to hear that you’re interested in the Second Nature programme! To find out more and to get a taster, please take our health quiz here

20 February, 2021

Interested to receive 5 day plan so I can make informed decision

Amy Groome
19 April, 2021

Hi Sylvia, it’s great to hear that you’re interested in the Second Nature programme! To find out more and get a 5-day plan, please take our health quiz here

Margie Jarrett
15 October, 2020

I am a nearly 65 year old who has been quite sick for several months. consequently I have been feeling unwell and yukky. I feel that this might be a good move for me because of the doctora not being Able to find why my heard rates it up and my iron is low. I have also stopped drinking after a long relationship with alcohol. What do you think? Is second nature for me. Margie

Amy Groome
30 November, 2020

Hi Margie, thanks for your interest in the programme! Second Nature has been designed to help you build healthier lifestyle habits around the way you eat, move, and think. To find out more about the programme, in addition to whether you’d be suitable, please take ou health quiz here

Nasreen Kouser
27 July, 2020

Hi there
I would like to try the free 5 day plan. As I’m struggling to lose weight

Fred Witting
24 June, 2020

Are there examples of what “learned so much about myself” might be? About the insights the platform can provide? I.e. Does it help determine what her triggers for food weakness / eating poor choices are, when she needs to get ahead of hunger and eat a good snack? More in the story about this might be good. So like CBT you gain skills to recognise your own patterns and interrupt them?

6 June, 2020

Binge eat nosy evening and night as much chocolate I can eat and then feel guilty,constantly trying to lose weight and exercise but keep giving into temptation

Barbara Pearn
26 May, 2020

Need long term help please

Diana lindsay
19 May, 2020

I’m going to try this before joining NOOM

8 October, 2020

DId you try Second Nature … or NOOM? I find myself in this position.

29 May, 2020

I wanted a free 5 day plan but after filling it all in, I was asked for payment method????

9 May, 2021

yes I agree, it says free days then asks for payment, put me off

21 May, 2020

Hi Diane

I find your comment interesting because yesterday I took the same decision. Let us hope this will work well for us.😀👍

10 June, 2020

Hi Mairi,

Just interested to know what you think of the program offered here? 😊

Lorraine Bardwell
13 March, 2020

I’m feeling desperate. I need long term help. I’m a senior care advocate and my shifts are 13 or 9 hours 4 days a week. I’ve got no routine.