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Lisa: “It has been utterly life changing”

Lisa was living with aches, pains, & struggling with sleep, she knew it was time for a change. This is the story of her journey with Second Nature.

Lisa: “It has been utterly life changing”

Lisa got to a point in her life where her health was starting to have a big impact on her wellbeing. Suffering from aches, pains, and struggling with sleep – she knew it was time for a change. After trying every slimming club and fad diet under the sun, Lisa discovered a new approach with Second Nature, this is her inspirational story towards a healthier life. 

It started with a WhatsApp message

When my friend messaged about taking part in a 5k Mud Run with obstacles to raise money for Cancer Research I replied straight away … “too old, too fat. Count me out!” During that day I saw lots of other replies flying around over WhatsApp from other friends who had received the same message.

I was the only one who had said no. It didn’t sit well with me. I was the fattest but not the oldest and my mother had died at just 64 from bowel cancer so Cancer Research is a charity held dear to my heart.

The next day I messaged the group again. “Hey! I’ve had a change of heart! Count me in!” As I sent it I felt better but I was still thinking if I need to get out of it nearer the time I will! However, what it had done is plant the seed that I needed to get a bit of weight off for the event.

In conjunction with the pending mud run my hormones were playing merry havoc with me. Heading towards the big 50 – wow! How had I found myself here already? Heading for the menopause with all it’s confusing and debilitating symptoms. The doctor prescribed HRT.

Lisa’s health was slowly deteriorating

So, there I was – the fattest I had ever been (after a lifetime of battling the scales) and not feeling like myself both physically and mentally. I think I was at a real all-time low and I had given up on what I was eating, how and when I was exercising my body, and I had settled for a lifetime of acceptance that this was “just how it was”.

The only problem was, I felt awful. My feet would have a weird burning sensation if I walked too far. I felt unattractive and cumbersome. I wasn’t sleeping well. My fingers kept suffering from pins and needles. I was always tired. My skin had weird blemish outbreaks. Honestly, the list went on and on.

So, when I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Second Nature I decided to take a look.

A different approach to weight-loss

Having tried every (and I do mean EVERY!) slimming club and fad diet over the years I was interested to see if Second Nature had anything new to bring to the table. Turns out it did! It was the first programme I had looked at which looked at the psychological side of dealing with a healthy lifestyle programme. It wasn’t focused totally on weight-loss but the bigger picture.

What we’re eating, what we’re doing physically, and how we can manage our thoughts, our motivations, overcoming inevitable obstacles, etc. I have always known that my issues with reaching my ideal weight, getting fit and maintaining it has failed due to my mindset along with a set of unrealistic expectations that I have set myself.

So here I am. I’ve finished the initial 12-week programme and have now joined the community groups.

What can she tell you?

Well, I love the programme. I am significantly lighter. The support from my health coach and group have been fantastic. It makes sense to me and I believe in it. I am eating delicious, real, and wholesome food. The recipes are inspiring and easy. I do not feel deprived on any level.

I have a host of different reference materials, from fantastic recipes to strategic aides to refer to in times of doubt. I feel realistic about who I am and what I can achieve. I am not obsessed with the scales and I’m motivated by the bigger picture. I just want to be the best version of myself that I can be.

Any change to your lifestyle will take a level of perseverance. I’m not saying there haven’t been difficult days or times when I’ve struggled to be organised with my groceries and meal planning. There are always pressures on our time and sometimes finding time to exercise can seem stressful. However, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

How do you feel now?

I simply feel wonderful! The more I do the more I can do! My energy levels are soaring. My body is moving more freely. I’m sleeping like a log. I can walk for miles without any problem and I’m loving a varied array of classes at my gym.

The HRT remains unopened for now. Maybe I’ll need it further down the line but things have settled out for now. I wasn’t expecting that result but it’s undeniable. I feel like me again.

The charity mud run was a blast. I had such a great day. I was nervous that it was beyond me but it wasn’t. I surprised myself and I felt proud. I raised lots of money and I ran in memory of my Mum.

What next?

My next goal is skiing. All booked for 5 months. I can’t wait! I’ve never done it before despite being interested. I thought I wouldn’t be able to. It’s motivating me to continue my new healthy habits and it’s liberating me from a lifetime of thinking “I can’t”. It turns out I CAN after all. One life and I’m planning on living the rest of mine to the full.

Thanks to Second Nature, for the first time in my life, I think I’m equipped with the tools to make this new, healthier lifestyle sustainable. It’s been utterly life-changing and I wish I had been introduced to it years ago.

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