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Lee: “I feel great after losing 2 stone”

After being offered the Second Nature programme by his GP, Lee's gone on to lose 2-stone, is feeling more energetic, and overall a lot better!

Lee: “I feel great after losing 2 stone”

After being offered the Second Nature programme by his GP, Lee thought he’d give it a try to see if it could help to get his blood sugar levels under control. He’s gone on to lose 2-stone and is feeling better overall! 

A bit about you

My name’s Lee and I’m a 47-year-old NHS receptionist from Leeds. I tried to lower my sugar levels myself by trying to eat healthier but it only came down slightly. I was offered the OurPath (now Second Nature) programme to try by my GP. I was apprehensive of what was to come but thought I would give it a try.

When I got all of the equipment through the post I was pleased to see I had all the right things to get me started. I downloaded the app and there was even a health coach to guide you through things. Also, they were there if you had any questions. The recipe book was good and full of different foods to eat. I have slight IBS and couldn’t eat some of the foods but there were lots of different foods and recipes to choose from. I found that my taste buds had changed as some foods I didn’t like before I started to enjoy!

Easy to apply the lessons from the articles

Doing the Second Nature programme is great. Getting daily articles to read, explaining how sugars are digested and impact on the body, exercise, and sleep etc. Having these articles makes you understand more about why you’re eating the food from the recipes and how important it is to get good nights sleep and to exercise regularly. Having support from your health coach and other group members is fantastic. My health coach was Robbie and he would regularly message the group to check in, work on our habits, and give us praise if we’d been going well.

A huge success!

I feel great now after losing 2 stone on the programme. That’s due to the great work of Second Nature and the health coaches. I know that I couldn’t have accomplished this without them. I’m eating better now and feeling more awake than I used to. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone. Don’t worry if you don’t reach your targets in the allotted timescale or you slightly put on weight once or twice. That’s what happened to me but stick to it and you will see results!

Thank you for reading this and good luck to you all.

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