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Karen: “I’ve learnt to nourish my body”

Since joining the Second Nature programme, Karen has lost weight, improved her relationship with food, and has more energy and confidence than ever before.

Karen: “I’ve learnt to nourish my body”

Since joining the Second Nature programme, Karen has lost weight, improved her relationship with food, and now has more energy and confidence than ever before. We asked Karen about her experience with Second Nature to find out more. 

What are the biggest positive differences you noticed since starting the programme? 

The biggest positive difference I have noticed since starting the programme is obviously the weight loss, but my frame of mind has changed. I felt out of control at the beginning but now I am firmly in control and in a very positive place with regard to my eating, for the first time in years.

When did you start to notice a change in your health?

The main thing I had to do at the beginning of Second Nature was to force myself to eat!

I work from home, and I had fallen into some bad habits – skipping breakfast and snacking all afternoon. I would often start a project first thing, get distracted and forget about food until I had gone over some hunger edge.

But as soon as I started eating good food regularly I found it easy. It was important to plan my meals and shopping in detail. I love cooking, so switching to Second Nature recipes was easy for me.

How did you find the programme fit into your lifestyle?

It has been great to have the support of my health coach, Faye. I feel able to talk to her about good achievements and bad experiences. I found her outlook very positive, honest and not at all patronising.

I have also found the daily articles amazingly helpful, I have been able to look again at my assumptions around food and health.

How does the Second Nature programme compare to other weight loss solutions?

I have been on many diets. Mostly it felt like they were about deprivation, hunger and chasing impossible goals. I had grown to hate being defined by my weight and used to feeling miserable about food. Several years ago, after 14 weeks of a supervised liquid food diet, where I lost 4 stones in a very short time, my hair start falling out. I called the supervisor in distress and she said: ”I thought you wanted to be thin?”. I gave up on dieting then.

Second Nature did a few things at the beginning which made me feel different. They told me my natural weight was the one I would reach when I was consistently eating well. That’s such a simple and sensible thing to work towards.  Second Nature also encouraged me to nourish my body rather than deprive it. Not to count calories and have some left over for ‘treats’.

I think previous diet regimes have augmented the importance of ‘treats’ and that has not been good for my psychology.

On Reset I noticed my behaviour changed very quickly. I felt full all day and the snacking stopped immediately. This continued throughout the programme.

It feels like Second Nature has helped me develop a new approach to eating by helping me take responsibility. I am not accountable to anyone other than myself.

Now you have finished the programme, how do you feel?

Well, I don’t feel like I have finished the programme! I still have weight to lose and I’m on the journey to my natural weight. But in only 12 weeks, I feel so much better – more energy, more confidence. Above all, a much more positive approach and some new sustainable habits.

It feels like I am falling in love with food again when it has been an enemy for so long!

Would you recommend the Second Nature programme?

I would very much recommend Second Nature.

The Second Nature regime has made me look again at assumptions and habits around food knowledge, my lifestyle and what feels good for me.

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