Josie: “I’m now waking up full of energy”

Josie: “I’m now waking up full of energy”

Josie is a GP and thought being tired all of the time was just a part and parcel of being an adult. After experiencing the balanced approach of the Second Nature programme, Josie is now full of energy and able to get through those long days without relying on snacking and coffee!

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First impressions

After completing a week of Second Nature under the free trial I knew that I wanted to carry on. The holistic approach to wellbeing, no ‘bad’ foods and breaking distorted thinking really resonated with me.

I love how Second Nature makes real change manageable and sustainable – adding habits gradually, being realistic about how they can fit in with your lifestyle, and making sure that they become embedded makes it possible to add changes at a manageable pace. And all those small changes made every week add up to big differences! I’m sleeping better, I’ve kicked caffeine for good, I’ve found exercise that I enjoy and works for me, and I’m building balanced meals.

Breaking down barriers

I’d thought that feeling tired all the time was just part of being an adult, but I’m now waking up full of energy and getting through the day without any of the caffeine or unhelpful snacks that would have tempted me before. Identifying my own distorted thoughts has been invaluable in improving my relationship with food and helped me realise that I’m capable of change. I’ve also been getting the weight loss I hoped for, but that’s just one change of many. More than anything following the programme has made me feel more positive, confident and resilient in all areas of my life.

Being part of a group was one of the aspects of the programme that was daunting to me at the start, but I’ve been surprised that it’s one of the things I’ve found most valuable. Sharing recipes, cheering each other’s wins and learning from others’ questions has all given me the impetus to keep going on the rare occasions that I’ve found my resolve wavering.

The support was essential

All of the Second Nature team have been fantastic and my health coach, Harriet, is great – friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to offer support. The tools available have been excellent too – the articles and guidance are backed up by research and made easy to understand. At all stages, I’ve learned what changes I should make, and also why. I’ve been impressed with the recipes and I’ve learned how to choose healthier meals for myself – whether picking new recipes or tweaking old favourites to be better balanced – it’s made cooking a pleasure again.

I just wish I’d known earlier how easy it can be to live a healthier lifestyle. It feels like all of this is something I should have known sooner, but I’m grateful that Second Nature has enabled me to fill in those gaps in my knowledge and make some positive (and permanent) lifestyle changes.

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Suspended trunk
29 February, 2020

I really thought I wanted to try this Diet but I realise it’s probably the same as any other way of eating that you have to pay for. If it was really effective it would be free advice. There’s no secret to to losing weight. It’s simple more calories than you burn- turns into fat. Also I am vegan and am trying to follow a low FODMAP regime. I hope now that will be the end of the endless emails attempting to entice me to pay for what amounts to pure common sense.

Leo Marjoram
29 February, 2020

Hi I’m Leo, I’m really short and fat and people say I look like a garden gnome, I’ve put on loads of weight recently and I’m constantly burping and farting, why is this happening? I’m paranoid that people at work think I’m smelly and disgusting.

29 February, 2020

I’m lacto vege and don’t eat fish or egg. I’m conscious if there will be a good variety of recipes . Also I have a really bad sweet tooth!

Archana Pradeep
22 February, 2020

Thank you for the mail. I am hesitant as I do cook mostly Indian meals especially South Indian (as I am South Indian) and not sure whether your meal plans cater for our cuisine. If so,I am all up for it